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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by greyfox, Aug 3, 2001.

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    I asked them to report my 10K credit limit to the CRAs. Equifax is showing the CL as 0. They say that they are reporting it correctly. Does anyone know how I can call Equifax and ask them to correct this? Or where to write to send a Discover statement? Has anyone been able to get this corrected?

    I also asked them to extend my 0% introductory rate, so I wouldn't have to transfer my balance, but they refused. (Surprise, surprise!)

    I will transfer this balance to my new AT&T card at 0% until 4/02. I just used the Discover for the cash back anyway.

    I called AT&T and asked if they could raise my CL $1000 so I wouldn't have a 65% utilization, but they said my account was too new.

    Remember my motto, "You don't get if you don't ask. Call customer service early and often"
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    Try contacting:

    Mr. Brice Brown, Executive Inquiry Specialist
    Cardmember Service
    Discover Financial Services, Inc.
    PO Box 17019
    Wikmington, DE 19850-7019

    This fellow was a great help to me. I hope he can be of assistance to you.

    Good luck!


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