Called Providian Retention Number

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cadillac408, Jun 28, 2001.

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    Re: Called Providian Retention Numb

    Yeah, but if it's to the point a person is considering BK, the dept handling such an issue would be called "collections", not "retention" and the incentives they offer people to keep paying the bill (i.e. lower APR, settlement for a lower amount, new credit card ala Cap One, etc...) are veiled efforts to "reage" the account every time new activity is there.

    The retention dept. is for good customers who might be induced to stay with the company in exchange for some improvement upon the account (i.e higher credit line, lower APR, waived fees, etc...)

    Though, you do make an interesting point about both depts. wanting to "retain" customers for slightly different reasons. Interesting...
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    Re: Called Providian Retention Numb

    Marci's opinion is right. I called them about two months ago to get a APR reduction. The guy asked me initially "do i want to close the account" and I said no. Later in the conversation after I wouldn't say no I wanted to close the account. He told me in so many words he could give me the fee reduction if I was willing to say I wanted to close my account. So it's ok to say that you are willing to close the account.
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    Re: Called Providian Retention Numb

    FATJAKE,I agree with what Marci said,but opinion are still just that-OPINIONS,NOT FACTS.

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