can a CRA put 2 accts under differa

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by star, Oct 30, 2001.

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    On my experian I have a providian collection which is accurate but I also have a Gulf state(I think thats the name) on there which says under it - creditor providian, but there the same account, can they have both on there, if not which one do I try to remove? I only had one providian account. By the way, Im new here, posted a few times and I think this site is a lifesaver for those trying to get back on track, thanks everyone!
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    Do they do it? Sure... all the time when the account is sold to another company. They will also try altering the account number to list it twice/reage the debt. Don't fall for it.... Write a letter to the CRAs saying it is a duplicate account... Send it CM RRR. See what happens in 30 days....

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