Can he reopen MBNA???

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Hope, Jul 13, 2001.

  1. Hope

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    My boyfriend has great credit (never a late payment, never a missed payment, pays as agreed, etc.)

    But due to his divorce a couple of years ago, he and his ex closed several accounts with balances, but still continuously paid them down until today his closed accounts are all at $0 balance!!! Yippee!!

    My question, one was a nice MBNA account with a credit limit of $20,000. (Remember, all paid on time, never late, even after it was closed with a balance.)

    I think it would be a waste if he couldn't get that one open again. It was an individual account in his name only. And was paid in full about 13 months of being closed.

    Do any of you folks see a problem with MBNA repopening instead of making him reapply... or worse, rejecting him out of hand?

    His current credit is also A-1 with:

    Discover Platinum: limit $15,000
    Fleet Fusion VISA: limit $5,000
    Fleet Classic MasterCard: Limit $5,000
    First USA Dell VISA: limit $10,000
    Ford Motor Credit: limit $31,700 (bal. $26,000)
    First Nationwide Mortgage: bal. $6,632 (7 months until payoff!!!)
    Student loans of $10,000 nearly paid off, never late.

    His income is in the $150,000's.

    We don't want to waste a hard inquiry, so please can anyone tell me if it's feasible to just ask MBNA to do an AR and just reopen?

    Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    IF FINAL PAYMENT WAS WITHIN 3 MONTHS...many cards let you re-open an account NO QUESTIONS ASKED...
  3. Saar

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    Just MHO, but there are much better lenders catering for prime customers. In my book, these are about the 4 worst lenders in the prime credit industry. MBNA is a good lender, almost as good as Amex and Citibank.

    BTW, there's no market-wide policy when it comes to reinstating a previously closed account.


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