Can I get a Nextcard Visa?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Dogbert, Oct 6, 2000.

  1. Dogbert

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    I have one 30 day late on each of my credit reports. Can I still get a Nextcard Visa? I have no other negatives. The only thing is that while the late is on the same account for all 3 reports, the date of the late is different. I know Nextcard checks two reports so will it think I have 2 lates or just one?
  2. Larry

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    It is possible you'll be approved for a Nextcard Visa. I personally have one 120+ late and it shows on 2 of my CRs due to fall of in 11/01. If it helps when I applied for the card I had a Cap1 visa for one yr in good standing, and few inquiries.

    If you received an offer through the mail go for it.. if you didn't.... apply online ( if you don't get approve, call and talk to a supervisor about why the rejection and what can you do to better your chances on the next try.

    Good luck ! keep us informed.

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