Can not get a card.

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by fireclan, Oct 24, 2001.

  1. fireclan

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    I am a rookie unknown credit rated person seeking any advise on how to obtain a credit card to re-establish my credit rating.
    I had a charge off that is about 7 yrs old and has been dropped from my credit report. (experian Only)
    No other Credit Reporting Bureau has it listed.
    I have tried inquiring and applying for credit cards, yes, bad mistake - leaves inquiries on my reports- NOW I know.
    It's only from sites like Eye on Credit and this site that I have learned that. But one of the major problems I have encountered with applying is due to my residency being on GUAM, a US territory, a US address, and we are all US citizens, here, we have a few major banks here, but none will accept me, even with applying for a secured card-
    I hate this because it feels I have some form of sickness, if not one the other and so on, and so on.
    Many of the best institutions like Capitol One, JUNUM Visa, Sterling do have GUAM under their Market Area.
    If any one at all has some advise regarding my state could you please drop me a line? I would be so grateful.
    Thank you.
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  3. breeze

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    Also, go to - they will detect your country from your ISP info, and send you to the correct site. I can't get there - they know I'm in America, and I don't know how to finagle it to get there. It just keeps sending me back to the US site. However, B of A bought an Asian bank (1993) that may issue cards in your area.
  4. Geo

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    You can open an international PO Box in Miami with Mailboxes etc and others companies. Use a tel from a friend in the US. I have used it for years!
  5. supershawn

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    The PO Box is a good idea.

    If they will not let you use a PO Box (some want a physical address), you can get a 'real' address from Mail Boxess, Etc. or a similar Mailing company. You might have to use this address for a few bills or something to have something to verify it belongs to you.

    Just be careful and honest....these are banks and they can sometimes get a little 'iffy' about 'gray-area' stuff.

    Doesn't sound liek you are trying to do anything wrong, but banks can be a little 'stuffy' sometimes.

    Good Luck!


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