Can Public Record BK be remove

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Adam, Feb 5, 2001.

  1. Adam

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    If so, how (anything other than not mine?) It's never been challenged yet and there are no longer any accounts showing the BK. Don't want to hire somebody but I want to learn how to do it myself.
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    RE: Can Public Record BK be re

    Why not give it a try by disputing as "not mine"? Since the accounts that were included have fallen off, they may not be able to verify with the courts. I've been told that the bureaus sometimes get their information from outside agencies that keep a database of court records, but I'm not sure if these companies have unique identifiers like a SSN attached to these records. If not, I don't see how they could prove the BK is yours, especially if you have a common name.

    I don't recall many folks on this board having success getting BKs removed on their own. If you decide to challenge it on your own, please let us know the outcome.
  3. LKH

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    RE: Can Public Record BK be re

    I filed a chapter 13 bk in june of 99. I didn't go thru with it and it was dismissed. The correct entry on my credit reports should be filed - dismissed. I disputed it as no bk and equifax and experian deleted it completely. TU has it listed as it should be. I think when you dispute a bk, the bureaus send the verification to the bk court. In my case I think the clerks just didn't want to be bothered with it and never responded. By the way, I never did dispute it with tu, but maybe I will.
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    RE: Can Public Record BK be re

    My understanding is that court clerks have nothing to do with the credit verification process.

    The bureaus send independant companies into the courthouse to pull and verify the listings, or, they verify them with the included in bankruptcy creditors.
  5. Marie

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    RE: Can Public Record BK be re

    So if I have absolutely NO bankruptcy creditors listed... and I know my bankruptcy file is already archived... I guess they could verify on the bk computers at the courthouse (and there is a #$%%^^ 800# where you can input a SSN and it tells you if there's a BK attached to that SSN or not). Just wondering if this one's even worth trying. Any ideas on the bureaus adding info if they do find the BK creditors? That's the only real thing I'm worried about.
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    RE: Can Public Record BK be re

    What about public records when you are the suer and not the suee?
    Is this legal to place on your credit report?

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