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    here is my problem, i filed bk in 93 and also have a few judgements from 94 and 95 they are paid also some old collectios from that time last bad debt was put on in 98 i
    have providian,capital one,first national,orchard bank,first premier and car loan threw ford motor credit that i have been paying on time for 14 payments i received all the above credit cards in january. i would like to get more credit what can i do?anyone have any other card i should apply for i always get rejected.. and one mroe thing is junum any good and do they tell you each time a item as deleted and than bill you or is it a shocker? let me know
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    You receive your credit reports after a Junum dispute before Junum does. You then forward them to Junum. They bill you twice a month for the deletions after receiving your updated report. They bill no more than 5 deletions at a time.

    Good luck.
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    Stephanie, you appear to have enough credit cards at this time. I strongly suggest you work with the ones you have and create a good payment history. Pay on time & never go close to your limit. Increases will come. Junum may be able to help you. They have helped a lot of people. Give them a try. I'm sorry, but I am not familiar with their contact process. Call them or send an email. I have heard they are very customer focused. Also, you should cease applying for so much credit. Many inquiries affect you FICO score and will make lenders believe you are "credit hungry" and will just charge up the cards & not pay. Work well with the ones you have. In time, lenders will come to YOU to open accounts. Good luck! :)
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    Stephanie- the advice that you receive from Miles is good. I am in a similar situation but without the judgements. The tactic I took was to only have 3-4 Visa/MC and work their limits (keeping a low debt ratio). Go on the wagon and do not apply for anymore cc. Also resist the temptation of paying for more cl increases, Lord only knows how much cash you have tied up as a security deposit.

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