Can they do this?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by JQ, Nov 1, 2000.

  1. JQ

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    Another question for the group! I wrote my first dispute letter to Experian last month with three items centered on the page and seperated from the rest of the text. I got my investigation back and they only mentioned two of the three. So I wrote a letter stating that the third one was not on the report, it had been over 30 days and that I wanted it removed. I got a letter yesterday stating that the completion date of this investigation would be 11/18. Can they do that or do they have to delete it?

  2. Pat

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    my advice

    type a nice letter to:

    Thomas A. Gasparini
    Vice President and General Counsel
    Experian, Inc.
    Orange, CA
    via fax (714) 938-2513

    tell him that the folks in Allen, TX have violated the FCRA by failing to verify the disputed items within thirty days, and that you politely suggest that he remove the item post haste to minimize any liability on behalf of Experian.

  3. Saar

    Saar Banned

    RE: my advice

    Excellent advice!

    I assume the wealth of information you've provided on some individuals resulted from some serious security and privacy violations :) But, as long as you're on our side... :)

  4. JQ

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    RE: my advice

    Thanks Pat..I will do that :)
  5. Pat

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    RE: my advice

    I only have access to public records, wjich are available to anyone. One just needs to know where to look.
  6. Cadillac408

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    RE: my advice

    Where can I look?

    Nice detective work by the way......good lookin out!
  7. roni

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    They can do this and they have done it to me. I would just wait and go along with it. There is not set exact 30 rule. 30-45 days is usually acceptable. It states they must reply in a reasonable amount of time. That is what I read on the FCRA. Others have claimed it says 30 days. My eyes didnot see that language. But like I said wait. I guess your others came back verified. No fret. Dispute it again. For another reasons of course. They keep record of this stuff.
  8. Pat

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    They have 30 days. Otherwise,

    15 USC § 1681i. Procedure in case of disputed accuracy

    (a) Reinvestigations of disputed information.
    (1) Reinvestigation required.
    (A) In general. If the completeness or accuracy of any item of information contained in a consumer's file
    at a consumer reporting agency is disputed by the consumer and the consumer notifies the agency directly of
    such dispute, the agency shall reinvestigate free of charge and record the current status of the disputed
    information, or delete the item from the file in accordance with paragraph (5), before the end of the 30-day
    period beginning on the date on which the agency receives the notice of the dispute from the consumer.
  9. roni

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    RE: They have 30 days. Otherw

    Pat, have you ever sued anyone. I hope that you do so you can get all of that _____ out of your system. I have never found that statement before. But,thank you so very, f-ing much for pointing it out to me.
    Peace, Love and Hair Grease.
  10. 777

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    RE: They have 30 days. Otherw

    Geez... chill Roni!
  11. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    I'm cool.....

    I'm so cold right now, I'm shivering. I have to admit certain persons who I will not name for fear that I will have about 15 post after this post which usually happens when someone disagrees with this certain person who I willnot name because I cant stand to argue on a damn computer. Anyway, Like I said, Im cold. I mean cool.
  12. pat

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    have I sued anyone?

    I have enlisted an attorney twice for personal injuries, and settled each case without filing a lawsuit.

    I am currently involved in a consumer credit case, and have not yet signed a contingency fee contract with the lawyer.

    I have settled one consumer credit issue without a lawsuit, using an attorney, but merely for my legal costs.

    I have settled one defective product case for the cost of the equipment a $10 item destroyed.

    I have filed 7 small claims lawsuits. I lost one.

  13. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    RE: have I sued anyone?

  14. pat

    pat Guest

    Dear Roni-

    Litigation is an addiction, rather than something one gets out of one's system.
    One learns to remove problems and barriers with words and writings; one profits as well.
    One may conquer injustices via litigation, and employ understanding of civil liability to win-win negotiation, such as that which I proposed with Experian.
    One need not take the law into one's own hands, nor raise one's voice to effect one's will, if it is lawful.
    Litigation is enough.

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