CANADIAN CARDS ???? !!! !! !

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Phaki Sahn, Jun 17, 2000.

  1. Phaki Sahn

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    COULD SOMEONE TELL ME WHERE TO GET A CANADIANS APPROVED CREDIT CARD, all the ones i asw ( ecard, futur card, next the way crappy names) are for US only.
  2. michael d

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    RE: CANADIAN CARDS ???? !!! !!

    If you want a Canadian Dollar Card issued from a Canadian Bank try going into the bank of Montreal or National Bank both will issue a secured card at the branch level. In otherwords your branch will open the savings account and secure the card, as they are responsible. you might have to go to a few branches to find one that knows about this.

    If you want a U.S. Dollar Card get a tax payer I.D. number from the I.R.S. (, go to forms) Once you have this then you can easily apply for a AMEX, United National, or Chase secured card, Incude a copy of the Tax ID Number Card with your application. You will need a U.S. Address (use friend or family or a mail box etc.)
  3. Jon

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    RE: CANADIAN CARDS ???? !!! !!

    When I try applying online with the ITIN# from IRS it says invalid SS#. Do I need to fax them a copy? I couldnt even open an online checking account which doesnt need good credit just checks and makes sure you are not in telecheck or chexsystems.
  4. Michael D.

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    RE: CANADIAN CARDS ???? !!! !!

    And the ITIN Will not work as a Social Security Number as it is not in the SS# data base that all banks use to verify the SS#.

    However it can be used in person at a bank, or with a photocopy sent with your application to Chase, B of A, United National, and Amex.

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