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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Flagirl, Aug 7, 2001.

  1. Flagirl

    Flagirl Well-Known Member

    I want to cancel my Junum membership because they have only been able to delete one item for me in the past 6 months and when I was with Lexington, I had MUCH better success.

    The problem:
    How does someone get in touch with Junum to cancel? I searched all over their site and can't find how to do it. Can anyone help me?
  2. Hal

    Hal Well-Known Member

    Try emailing

    I emailed them to cancel and had my cancellation processed - I was suprised the response email came from this address: and the signature was as follows:

    Barbara Powers
    Director, Member Support
    Junum, Inc.
    (714) 426-5001, ex. 1049

    This should give you two email sources and a direct telephone number - you can also call their toll free number I suppose.

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