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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by shotcaller, Aug 31, 2001.

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    I need some advice. Spouse and I filed Ch 7 in '98, discharged 10-98. Prior to the BK spouse was the one working I stayed home. Whenever we applied for credit such as a car, finance companies, etc. they would want my name on the loan as well, even though I did not work. So what happens when spouse does notpay credit is in disarray. Since the bk we have rebuilt, but I have established credit in my own name separate from spouse. I have 1Cap One-500, Providian Visa-1230, First national-250, and a getsmartvisa 1000. I need retail accts to balance out my credit, but i cannot get one. I pay all of my accounts on time, but Target, JC Sears, Walmart, Macy's all turn me down. I do not know what else to do to at least get a retail card or a prime card. Also when spouse filed bk, citibank was trying to sue for an account from 1990. i was an authorized user on that account, but not joint applicant. Would i ever be able to establish with them?

    Thanks for the imput
  2. Terry

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    Try Speigel. You might get a small line with them. I started with a 250.00 line within one year it was 2700.00. My credit at the time was probably in the low 500's if that!

    They will review your account every 6 months for a increases, and it is automatic. You don't have to call. The increase can be found on your monthly statement, I never noticed the automatic inreases.

    Also, try retailers that are underwritten by Household Retail Services. They seem to pull Trans Union or Equifax. I was recently instantly approved for a 2K line wtih Best Buy.
  3. G. Fisher

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    Who told you you need retail accounts to balance out your credit?

    What is your goal-- besides getting retail accounts and acheiving a better record?

    What is your score from Equifax and the four reasons given that it is not higher?

    Are your credit reports accurate?
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    Beware Household with BK!

    I was denied Ikea (HH retail services) card two weeks ago with score's of 630, 717, and 654. My utilization is currently under 13%. Reason=BK!

    I talked with HH Credit services in Nevada and they said they will instantly deny all previous BK... no if's, and's, or but's.

    The odd part is HH bought a CC account if mine about 6 months ago. It is a 3yr old account with NO lates. After buying it, they jacked the rate from 19.9 (it was my highest one) to 24.99.

    Just my 2 cents...don't want you to waste an inquiry.

  5. shotcaller

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    I assumed that it looked bad to have all major credit cards. Also, pardon the ignorance, but how do I get my scores. When I worked for a bank you could get others scores, but your own was off limits to YOU. Anyone else could receive it but you could not get your own score. Please tell me how.

    Household, Wells Fargo, etc all bought accounts of mine that were included in ch 7 so I know they are a no go.

    I was thinking of getting a secured card from chase just to somehow get my foot into the prime card door
  6. G. Fisher

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  7. river

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    shotcaller,Chaser secure will not issue card secure or unsecure with BK. Get you a First Consumers Nat'l Bank visa with mimiumn deposit of 100.00 and if good payment history in 6 months you will automatically get a Spiegel retail card that you can use at Eddie Bauers and several other retailers.FCNB will also send promo down road and with additional deposit match up to 300 percent. I did this with both their visa and m/c,started with 100.00 and they will match up to 100-300%.
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    Chipping at that glass though!

    hey Skyler!

    Board - FYI Skyler and I have taken almost identical routes on rebuidling credit.

    cya - hope you are snapping :)
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    Re: Chipping at that glass though!

    That's interesting to know dogman.
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    Re: Chipping at that glass though!

    Snap!! snap!!
  11. river

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    Re: Chipping at that glass though!

    I take orders well!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!

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