Can't get verizon to agree to delet

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by masg1, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. masg1

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    I Ran my credit and found an old collection on it from Verizon. I can't get them to agree to delete it if I pay. I've talked to 3 collectors so far.

    They told me its listed with National Financial Group. Should I try to deal with them?.. Could they delete it if Verizon is the one who put it on my account?
  2. rfmjb

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    What else have you done so far? Have you sent in a validation request to the collection agency? or Verizon?

    If you've already jumped thru all those hoops or you're just willing to pay the debt, have you reviewed any of the 'settlement for deletion letters' ? Have you actually mailed a settle for delete request to anyone? or have you only spoken with people by phone? Most collection agents won't agree to a settlement for deletion by phone.

    Besides, if they did agree on the phone, I bet they wouldn't send you a letter to confirm the agreement..
  3. lbrown59

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    1* Don't talk to CAs on the phone send them validation letters instead.

    THE END ** *** ** LB 59

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