Can't get Verizon to Verify..

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by masg1, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. masg1

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    I ran my credit report and found an unpaid collection on two from Verizon dating back to sept 2002. I've never received anything from them about this.
    They say a check I sent in came too late on a final bill and 66 was refunded to me and the account was put in collections.

    I called talked to credit department and they said if I pay, they will tell the credit agency to delete it. I've been burned before and asked for confirmation in writing. I was told the only approved letter they can send me is one that states upon payment we will update this account with the reporting agencies. Doesn't seem good enough for me. All my scores are sub 600 and the two agencies reporting this are scoring me 20 points lower... HELP!

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    Is this account at a collection agency?

    If its at a collection agency, then send the collection agency a validation letter.

    If not, then unfortunately you're options are limited, the OC is not required to verify with you; they are required to verify with the CRAs, but as long as they have your social #, chances are they will be able to verify the account with the CRAs...

    If the only approved letter is the UPDATE letter, you can always try asking for supervisor to see if they would be able to get approval for a letter to agree to deletion.

    Now, if they're claiming that a check was issued to YOU because the payment was late (demand proof that the check was mailed, *AND* cashed by you.) I've never heard of any company refunding a payment because it was received 'too late' for the final bill; when there is still a payment due... But theres a first time for everything... :)

    This would be a dispute under the Fair Credit Billing Act, you're disputing that the last payment that you mailed to them was not properly credited to your account (and whether or not that payment was properly refunded.)

    GEORGE Well-Known Member


    They can't REFUSE a payment...then turn around and send it to a CA
  4. holis

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    I have a collection w/ them also but it was originally from PrimeCo. Anyone know if Verizon would be considered the OC since they bought PrimeCo?
  5. lbrown59

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    But they were nutty enough to try.

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    I have a interesting one with Verizon, mine aparently was originally with GTE but they where bought by Verizon. Here is the deal, they are reporting that I owe them nearlly seven thousand dollars.

    Of course I know for a fact that I do not owe them that money, what phone company in the right mind allows someone to charge 7k??? Anyway I sent them a validation letter and within 4 days they reported on my credit that i was contesting the debt.

    My question is what do I do next? I did send yesterday a letter to the CRA telling them that is not my debt. What should I do if they validate the debt?

    I know it is not mine and here is the kicker, I had a phone with them untill recently so If I had a 7k debt they wquld have never allowed me to have a phone with long distance.

    Should I sue? What should I do, especially since they do not have to validate a debt?
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    Can't get Verizon to Verify
    So is that bad?
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    Anyone know if Verizon would be considered the OC since they bought PrimeCo?
    The buyer is the oc.

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    I guess it is not bad that they do not verify but they are not required to do so since they are the OC. So basically my question is how do I deal with them?

    Should i keep sending the letters and then sue them?
  11. masg1

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    Ok I'm a little confused .. On my credit report Verizon is listed as the creditor, but they tell me another agency has the debt. Verizon doesn't seem to have any issue taking the money from me.. I'd like to get the paper work started to get this another another "settled" debt off of my credit reports.

    Do I send debt validation letter 1 (from the sample letter area) to Verizona and the other debtor ceritified mail and wait 30 days and if there is no response send a letter to the CRA's requesting it be removed?

    I read through the Faq and can't quite get that part.

    Other than the wording of the letter is disputing a charge off as diferent than disputing a bad collection on my record?

    Feel free to send links.. I'm a newbie at this..
  12. masg1

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  13. lbrown59

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  14. lbrown59

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    Should I sue? What should I do, especially since they do not have to validate a debt?
    But they do have to prove it if you dispute it.
  15. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    Should i keep sending the letters and then sue them?
    Send the CA a validation letter

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