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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Abbey, Mar 16, 2001.

  1. Abbey

    Abbey Guest

    I received this card with a whoppong 200.00 Anyway I am using the online payment feature, last month I paid and it posted the next day as it states. Yesterday I paid again around 6:00 pm est. and it still hasn't posted. SHouldn't it have posted by today?? I don't like that they don't give a conference number like my other card. And I wish they had email service as well.

    Also they claim to give you 50.00 every month for 12 months if you keep your account current. Has anybody gotten more in the first year I am not impressed with a 600 increase in a years time.

  2. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    Like most banks, the banking day ends alot earlier than 6:00pm :)

    Keep that in mind. They do have a cut off. Also they say, certain days of the month are heavier in traffic, and it takes more time to show up on the web.

    Cap 1 is not a card for rapid advances usually. Aria is probably better according to folks here.
  3. SEAN

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    Keep in mind that for all intents and purpose the CapOne "GOLD" card is anything but gold. They give you a credit line that is beyond belief ( a whopping $200) and are very tight on the line increases, not to mention they don't report the limit to the three bureaus. You might be better off trying Providian or Orchard ( Providian should give you atleast $1,000.( Both companies allow you to pay online also. CapOne should be ashamed of themselves for engaging in business practices that smack of Direct Merchants or Cross Country.
    I recently paid off and closed both CapOne plat. accounts (visa and M/C), because they did not report the limits to the bureaus.CapOne lost a good customer.

  4. T. Burdine

    T. Burdine Guest

    I have had capital one for about two years now, and they are stingy with the increases, sometimes if you push them you'll get an extra 100.00 or two out of them.
    Providian has given us frequent and genorous increases.
    Orchard who is now owned by household has changed their increases, seems they are harder to get now ? All these banks have a pay online feature , I prefer to use my banks online bill pay though, it's faster, and they guarantee it'll make it by the due date as long as you arange your payment 5 days prior, they always post to my account right away. -T.Burdine

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