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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by cadman, Aug 23, 2001.

  1. cadman

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    I have had a Cap 1 basic card for 4 years with a $900 CL. They sent me a letter in May automatically upgrading me to Platinum with $5000.00 CL. In the letter it stated 9.9%, I just looked at my statement this month and it is at 17.99%. I'm bad about looking at my statements since I pay online. I pulled Julys statement and it was at 18.17%. I called and spoke to a supervisor who informed me that mine was a variable rate and she didn't see any offer of 9.9%, but, since I was such a good customer see could give me 15.9% fixed - I don't think so! I told her that I have the letter in my file cabinet at home and I will call tomorrow and fax a copy of it to them. It may be my turn to leave a message on Planet Feedback. Back to work for now. :)

  2. Nave

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    Good for you to keep all that correspondence, I keep it "file cabinet" looks like that of a small law firm now that I have started reading this board.

    When you get home, read the fine print of that letter and see what kind of tricky language they use for circumventing them giving you the 9.9%...if you find nothing like that, send the PFB letter and contact their exec offices (Mr Miller). He has done some wonderful things for Cap1 card holders here at this board lately.

    Even if you do find something in the small print, I have gotten companies to honor their LARGE PRINT offers by complaining that I feel victim of a bait-and-switch offer scheme and will stop using my XXX card and cancel it asap unless they offer me the deal I signed up for. Works now and then. Good Luck.

    -Peace, Dave
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    A fave with all CCC's is to say prime + 9.9 or something resembling that. All excited about the new card and LOC, a consumer overlooks the samll print prime + and only sees the 9.9.


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