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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dlo64, Sep 5, 2001.

  1. dlo64

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    How long after you apply/receive a Cap 1 card can you apply for another? My husband received another offer yesterday, another Cap 1 Gold MC. This one is a partially secured $49 card. The card is for the "Botanical Prints" gold card. He received his present Cap 1 card in June (held in good standing). The app states that if you have applied in the last 45 days or have a Cap 1 credit card account, you may be ineligible.

    Today, I received a pre-approval for the K-Mart Cap 1 Mastercard. The back of their application states that if approved previously for a credit card issued by Cap 1 or responded to another offer from Cap 1 in the last 90 days that I may be ineligible. I have an offer from Cap 1 that Mr. Cooke is working on that I just sent the security deposit on last week (he just isn't sure if it will be a Visa or a Gold Affinity MC). I have not yet received the card.

    I am pretty sure others on this board have more than one Cap 1 card. The words of the application state may be ineligible; it does not state the app will be denied. How long after you apply can you get another card? Maybe I will have to call Mr. Cooke tomorrow and find out.
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    I applied and received two cards in one day. Online approval for Cap 1 card and Both were approved for $200.

    I already had a $500 card with better terms, emailed advocates office through planet feedback. With Mr. Millers help, bumped my first card from $500 to $1500 in early May.

    Closed the second card for $200 and kept the card.

    Last month went through planet feedback again. Mr. Cooke bumped $1500 card to $2000. Also noted that my account would not be eligible for future increases for at least six to nine months.

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