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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MikeG, Apr 2, 2001.

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    Some of you might remember me posting last week that I sent a letter via Planetfeedback regarding my 2 capital one cards. My complaint was about the inaccuracies in statements coming from their representatives. I presented a chronological timeline of events in regards the phone calls I have made to Capital One. Each phone call basically had a different spin/explanation for the same problem (credit increase). For example, you need to do this and when I did that, the next rep would say I have to do something and so on. I will not bore with the dreary details, but understand that I call often and each time a different story is told.

    Well, I received an email last week from capital one; however, the gentlemen was on vacation for the week. I called today and he was very nice. Initially, I was not expecting anything besides an apology for the inaccuracies. Finally, he says let me see what I can do and puts me on hold. He comes back and offers me $1000 increase. So I split the increase amongst my 2 cards, which I will be combining in a couple months anyway.

    I know some feel that my complaint was trivial; however, I would disagree. I do not think that because I am a client of Capital One I deserve to be treated like sub-prime scum. My interest rates are both at %15.9. I pay way above the minimum each month and on time. In return, I expect to be treated with respect. So I think I have a valid concern. If you accept my money, then you accept my expectations as I continue to meet your expectations by paying on time.

    I've read other post stating that when they call the representative told them there were notes on the account which and then being placed on hold by that representative. In a way, I hope the same is true for me. Only if the notes says treat with respect and honesty.

    Mike G.
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    Re: Cap 1 Success via Planetfe

    Cap 1 is not necessarily sub-prime. Take for example, their platinum card which is heavily advertised for 9.9% APR, which is as low as most cards go these days.
  3. Saar

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    Re: Cap 1 Success via Planetfe

    You're doing great, Mike. Slowly but surely, you're on your way to prime credit.

    Capital One's Consumer Advocate has become their ultimate retention authority. I'm sure others would appreciate it if you post his phone number here. They're giving it to everyone who posts at Planetfeedback anyway, and so far everyone here who called was successful in getting better terms.

    My credit goal for 2001 is to get a Citi Platinum Select, but judging from your progress so far, you may get there first :) Good luck!

  4. Jim

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    Re: Cap 1 Success via Planetfe

  5. MikeG

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    Thanks Saar & Phone #

    You have been a great help to me and appreciate your advice and encouragement. It was you who introduced me to the Capital One Retention Department. I dont plan on applying for any more credit for a while. I would like to get 0 inquiries for 6 months at least. I have a lot of equity in my new home and want to take out a loan later this year.

    The number is (800) 955-1455. However, they are going to ask who you want to speak to. The gentelmen told me to call him directly if I ever have any other problems. But he has a specific extension. The 800 number puts you to the department.

    I would just advise people to use the avenue and let Capital One contact them about their concern. I think that one with out the other might not be as successful. Taking the time to write the complaint may add some legitmacy to the concern.

    Mike G.
  6. miles

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    Re: Thanks Saar & Phone #

    That's great news Mike, Congratulations!! That is a major accomplishment with CapitalOne. They are so tight with credit limit increases and account terms. I have had an account with them for two years and it is like pulling teeth to get an increase. I am really fed up! It's amazing that my credit is great now and CapitalOne still doesn't send ME increase offers. Many others have received increases without asking. I know I am handling my accounts correctly. They really need to get their act together so they don't lose good customers like you and I. :)
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    Re: Thanks Saar & Phone #

    Mike G wrote:

    > I would just advise people to use the avenue and let Capital
    One contact them about their concern.

    That's exactly why I didn't post the gentleman's direct phone number in the first place.
    I didn't get the feeling from my conversation with him that his direct line was
    something free to be published, and it was not my place to presume otherwise and
    take advantage of his openess in talking with me.

    If people abuse a service long enough - it gets taken away. If he gets inudated
    by phone calls from people (God forbid "Bobby" calls him, for example), then he'll
    unlist the number, the Executive Office will probably be less inclined to take calls
    from consumers and it will be much tougher to negotiate terms. What ever happened
    to thinking for the long term?

    Sometimes, we need to respect other people's privacy - even if they do work for
    a corporation. That is simply good business sense to me.

  8. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    Well said Marci!!!

    I would never give out the Consumer Advocate # either.
  9. MikeG

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    Re: Well said Marci!!!

    The number I gave was not the direct number to the consumer advocate I spoke to. It was to the office. You then have to give an extension number, which I have not given out, nor have I given out his name.

    Mike G.

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