Cap 1 - The best and the worst!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jim, Jul 31, 2001.

  1. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    The best - It could only be one thing. The Executive office. A while back, the E.O. let me reopen an old account that I had voluntarily closed in '95. It is a beautiful 8 year old tradeline with good terms. Frankly, I have been embarrassed to say much about it. But I should thank the people on the board who made us aware of the E.O., Planet Feedback etc.

    The worst - Last week I asked for a credit line increase over the telephone. I got the increase. OK, it was laughable but then we all know Cap One. But what irritated me was...

    I was assured that no hard inquiry would be made. Credit expert revealed a hard and soft inquiry. I disputed of course and in 3 weeks, I will know whether it gets verified or not. I made a series of calls to Cap One customer service. Here is what happened:

    #1 I got agreement for Cap One to dispute the inquiry and get it off the report. Right up until the phone went dead as the dispute was supposedly being done.

    #2 I requested to speak to the same person who dropped the call. The rep said that she didn't know who he was. I requested to speak to the Customer Service group. The rep lied for 5 minutes. She said she could not connect me. She did in the end when I demanded to speak to a supervisor. When I got through, I found out the first jerk had not done the dispute. At this point I am speaking to the 3rd Cap One rep. She volunteers to do the work and says wait just a moment Mr. Jim while I finish up. She came back on the phone with a 4th person(supervisor). She took 5 minutes to tell me that the 3rd person had not done the dispute. Then tried to talk me out of the dispute. I got her name and then ordered her to do the dispute. She agreed. However, I am sure that she did not do as agreed. Also, this idiot of a supervisor raised the possibility that all 3 CRA's may have been given a hard inquiry!

    Cap One must hire from the same pool of available misfits as Experian. Then put them through a course on how to be obstructionist with customers.

    Oh well it is just an inquiry. I did get an increase. In August, I will see if EQ and TU have a Cap One credit inquiry.
  2. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member


    Hi Jim - LOL - I read your post and I accurately understood your experience - you write well! BUT, in my after work haze, I was thinking about the great job opportunities available working for prestigious Cap One. Then I thought -

    I do not want to be a service rep for Cap One;
    I do not want to be a "Supervisor" (LOL) above Cap One reps;
    I do not want to advance my career in cheap dog card-ology by transferring to Cross Country Bank - with management potential being evaluated by some stint running a puppy kennel and tending a large fire...some large grill I guess?!?!?!!! :)
    I do not aspire to be a VP at ASPIRE!

    I'll deal with the Internet!

    c ya dogman

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Re: JIM - ITZ PREZTEEG.....

    I've always wondered if the people who work for companies that rip off customers (fee wise)...get a decent 9.99% no fees...
  4. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    Re: JIM - ITZ PREZTEEG.....

    Thanks Dogman and GEORGE for your hilarious comments!

    The inquiry cost me 2 points on my Creditexpert score. No big deal as my Experian report score is high anyway. But I have become somewhat of a credit junky. Therefore, any deterioration in my credit score gets me riled up.

    Being reasonable about this. I did get a credit limit increase. Also, if Creditexpert is to be believed ( I believe it is valid ), I know that an additional inquiry is worth 2 points. The education may be worth the reduction of 2 points. Besides, I have disputed the inquiry anyway.


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