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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by David, May 10, 2001.

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    Back in my original post about First USA, I mentioned where I kept getting preapprovals every week from Cap One--"Gold Card" this, that, and your mother. So I finally mailed one in.

    Got this hunky dorey Gold Card with a (*cough*) TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR LIMIT--with last ever late pay 1995, two Cap Ones for 24 -30 months in the late 90's, etc. and so on.

    Anyway, the new account I closed the day I received the card is on all the CA's as open (going on 3 months) with zeros (balance, limit, payment--whatever).

    Thru planetfeedback, I give them two options: DELETE the account, AND the inquiry it took to open it, or REOPEN it with a $1500 limit--I really didn't care which.

    So this Miller fella calls me at work; "I received your planet feedback, blaseh blaseh blaseh".

    After much ado about nothing, he asked what I wanted to do: I said EITHER, pick one. "Well, we can't remove an inquiry from your bureaus--its our policy to do one when we take an app..." (at which point I'm thinking: why oh why did I fall for that thing in the mail?).

    End of story--I told him that marketing a "Gold Card" with a $200 limit was misleading, and bordered on fraud. And if they're not going to LOOK at credit bureaus, they don't need to pull them when someone applies, and furthermore, the 6 times they've nosed up in my credit report in the last year, coupled with the solicitations I receive every week, should be ample scoring for their precious "Gold Card".

    Result: Account deleted, inquiry will stay, at which point I reminded Mr. Miller that if he wanted to waste resources to have a dispute show up from all the CA's on my behalf for the removal of the inquiry, then so be it. I've got the resources to waste everybody's time.

    I also informed him that sub-prime is as sub-prime does, and I should have known better.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Cadillac408

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    Just a comment/question...

    I'm not sure how people can get CRAs to dispute inquiries. I tried to do that and I was told unless it was fraud, they won't remove it. If they do dispute it as fraud, your account is turned over to the fraud dept.

    How do people dispute these inquires??? I have 3 that I would like to get off.
  3. LoFico

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    Re: Just a comment/question...

    Well I'll give you an example. I shopped for a car a while back. When I went to the dealership, they ran my credit. So at that point I was authorizing ONE, count em ONE inquiry. Not the seven or eight different places they had to shop my loan around to. So when I saw this on my report, I mailed out very strong letters letting these people know that this was unauthorized and illegal and that I wanted them deleted. Most did on first round, some did not, but they will when they get my next round of letters. The point is that they did not have an application with my signiture on it. So I don't believe they were ever given my permission.

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