Cap One Gold Card?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Mike, Jun 12, 2000.

  1. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

    I got a "Pre-Approved" application for this card.

    Will this be a "Gold" card with a $200 limit?

    I'm currently rebuilding my credit from a pretty bad past. I have had Providian and FCNB cards for about nine months with perfect payments.

    Any ideas?
  2. Eric

    Eric Guest

    I have *zero* negatives on my credit report, and they sent me a $200 card.
  3. Kathie

    Kathie Guest

    I got a "pre-approved" offer in the mail for their Gold Card so I sent it in. Yesterday I got a decline letter stating that I had too many negatives on my report (they are five years old). I have a Providian Card with $2,000 limit, so Capitol One can stuff it.
  4. David D.

    David D. Guest

    One of my employees who has a very limited credit history got a "pre-approved" offer from Cap One for the gold card. So she sent in the form and, yes, got the card with a $200 limit! She was excited, but really a gold card with a $200 limit is an insult to those who have earned a credit reputation where qualifying for a real gold card isn't a problem (AMEX, Chase, and the like)...
  5. bg

    bg Guest

    David you need to take your stupid "I'm
    better than anyone else" attitude plus
    "I know nothing about credit problems so I can only belittle everyone" attitude and stick it up your ass and go to,
    I mean and get to know the Queen
    of credit Christine Baker, she's just like you ignorant and arrogant and cares only about herself and has no idea about how to help people. You 2 should get along great
  6. David D.

    David D. Guest

    Well, maybe if you and everyone else complaining ever get your act together and get an excellent credit history behind you, you'll see where Christine and I are coming from!
  7. bg

    bg Guest

    Hey butthead let me tell you how our credit got into trouble, my husband became deathly sick and had 5 major operations, during that time we got behind until he could get disability. He was forced to retire from the company he worked for, and if you had any brains you know how slow disability is to act. We had over 1/2 million dollars in hospital bills, yes the insurance co. paid a major part, but we still had alot of it to pay ourself. Well we thought about BK but decided to tough it out and pay all the bills
    we finished them all off this year with our tax return. During all that time do you think any of these agencies cared that we were trying to do the right thing,HELL NO
    they just wanted there money yesterday. Well they all got paid in full and with the help of this board and the advice we got here we were able to contact the hospitals and doctors and guess what D*CKBRAIN ALMOST ALL
    when we did the right thing. The moral of this story is bad things happen to good people, and even if those people try to do the right thing they still get burnt by the bureau's. So before you lash out at someone
    with your whollier than thou attitude get
    all the information before you judge people,
    that's the @!#$ christines biggest fault
    she thinks she knows it all, just as you do.
    To the regulars her I apologize for being so winded. But this @!#$ and his I'm better than you BS needs to learn not everyone with problems is a deadbeat.
  8. Len

    Len Guest

    I had a similar experience 6 years ago, bg. Overwhelming medical bills that were only covered in part by insurance. And I agree with you that everyone with credit problems isn't a deadbeat. Unfortunately, unless someone has never gone through that kind of catastrophe they tend to come up with gems like "pay your bills on time."
  9. bg

    bg Guest

    Len it's easy to be selfrightous when you never have anything drastic happen in your life. But then again I guess they think you
    should be able to pay your bills whether your
    working or laying in ICU with a 50-50 chance of seeing tomorrow and not knowing what to do next. When you punch a clock it's different than being on salary where you usually get paid if your off sick. Oh well
    it takes all kinds to make the world go round.
  10. Kathie

    Kathie Guest

    I'm confused. Exactly why are reading this board if your credit history is so clean, unless maybe you represent one of the Subprime lenders that would like to see this board disappear? Hmmm...makes one wonder.
  11. bg

    bg Guest

    Kathie, you could be right, at least he's
    ignorant enough to work for one.
  12. William

    William Guest

    Good bost, BG. I mean some peeps just dont understand.
  13. bg

    bg Guest

    THANKS William, and your right about not getting it.
  14. David D.

    David D. Guest

    No, I don't work for a subprime lender, but I am a finance major!
  15. bg

    bg Guest

    With your postings I would hate to have you working for me. For a finance major your
    not very bright when it comes to credit issues. Oh well you have the mental ability
    of a sub-prime bank employee. I bet you want to be a bank president when you grow up. I
    hear CROOKS COUNTRY BILK aka CCB might be looking for a new president before long, you
    should apply.
  16. no name ne

    no name ne Guest

    this is to david d......poor, pathetic person. you must be such a total looser to be surfing this board...if you are at all who you claim to be..which i seriously doubt...anyone with the rescorces yuo claim to have certainly wouldn't be writing to those less fortunate the way you have. you are a fraud...probably bankrupt! i used to own a bar....met many pathetic people like you...(they always went home alone...even the ugly girls wouldn't stoop to their level) i suggest everyone ignore david's stupid garbage....maybe he'll go home !

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