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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SD, Oct 18, 2001.

  1. SD

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    Hey guys...
    Just wanted to share a little info that I learned today. I'm sure some of you may know already.

    If you have a secured card with Capital One, they usually want you to hit the one year mark before unsecuring. I called them today to get my deposit back and they said I would have to wait for my one year anniversary, which would be January 16, 2002.

    The rep said that they should review your acct at that time automatically, but you may want to call and ask for the deposit in case they happen to not do an automatic review.

    Just sharing...
  2. author_22

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    That tends to be the case, but I've heard that some have been able to add unsecured accounts to their credit file in less time by simply applying over the phone. I currently hold a classic ($500), a KMart ($500), and a secured ($49 for $500) I can't decide what to get rid of because CapOne is great.

  3. romanduv

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    I had my secured card for less than four months, when I sent a Planet Feedback letter to them.

    Got my security deposit back, limit increased to $500, annual fee returned, and APR lowered.

    Thats a company that knows how to keep people happy!

    I need to wait another 6 months to improve my terms yet again.

  4. amaineman

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    A Planet Feedback letter is the best way to get the extra care we all deserve.

    After sending you will receive a call from the advocates office, if they miss you, you will need to keep calling them (they will not play phone tag).

    They (Mr. Miller, Mr . Cooke) have the ability to modify accounts using very special guidelines.

    Try searching for Cap One & Planet Feedback replies, you will find many stories with good results.

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