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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by LoFico, May 22, 2001.

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    Some of you may have read my earlier post regarding my Cap One secured approval. Well here's an awesome update.

    Long version:
    My guess, it was late April when I applied online for a Cap One unsecured card. I called the next day to check the status of my app and was told I was declined (no big suprise). They offered me the secured card, $199 deposit for $200 card. I tried to weazle a better offer out of them, but no luck. So I asked them to send me my approval.
    On May 4th I wrote a polite but concerned letter via PFB asking if there was anything they could do to improve this offer, ie. unsecured (fat chance I thought, but always worth a try). Mr. M called me and after two conversations and 3 days, he offered me an UNSECURED card!

    $300 Credit Line (more to come)
    19.8% interest

    Made my day! This was made possible by reading all the great posts of the people on this board. Thank you all!

    Also, I wrote a comendation letter to Mr. M via PFB.

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