Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by help, Feb 26, 2001.

  1. help

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    I see postings on cap1 where you are having them combined and having the switched to GOLD.

    What is the reason to have them combined and when should this be done.

    Should you ask for GOLD or wait till they offer?

    I have two cards. 1 is a month old and the other is 8 months. The 8 month old I have had an increase and a week later I got a letter where the added more increase. Is this a normal thing or is this a clue for better things ahead?
  2. roni

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    I combined my accounts to decrease my number of accounts. Having too many revolving accounts lowers your score to a certain extent. Although no one is for sure how much and how many accounts is a perfect number to have. I am striving for no more than 5 open accounts. I started with 13 or something like that. Now I have 7 (4 mc's, 2 vs's and 1 retail). That is my reason for combining the accounts.


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