Cap1 no longer taking CL inc req's

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by e557373, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. e557373

    e557373 Well-Known Member

    Just spoke to a specialist at Cap1... they're no longer taking balance increase requests at all.

    They said they review accounts every 6 months and make a decision at that point. Any increases or decrease will simply be shown on the monthly statement.

  2. 8004me

    8004me Well-Known Member

    PFB perhaps
  3. Platinum

    Platinum Well-Known Member

    Only you can increase your balance on your account...
    They can't do that...


    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    You can do a 1/2 BDD

    Apply for a second card and combine...BUT IT WILL PROBABLY COST TOO MUCH (3 "HARD")
  5. skyy

    skyy Well-Known Member

    PFB won't help unfortunately - I just talked to Mr. Cooke 2 weeks ago after PFB'ing a letter and he told me the same thing.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    You can call the 800# and see if you can get an AUTOMATED credit limit increase...

    NOTE~~you have to ask for the balance payments...etc FIRST...then it will go to the correct program that includes the credit limit increase press X FOR A CREDIT LIMIT INCREASE....

    I don't do it any more since I got results from PFB...and I was OVER the MAXIMUM limit for my account ($7,500)<----STUPID LIMIT SINCE THEY OFFER "UP TO" $20,000...and $30,000 for some customers...
  7. catnap1972

    catnap1972 Well-Known Member

    Makes you wonder if they're planning to start unloading some accounts soon.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: Cap1 no longer taking CL inc req's

    "IF" they want...they could sell my accounts to BofA or CITIBANK
  9. 8004me

    8004me Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: Cap1 no longer taking CL inc req's

    Gee they send me offers all the time for another card and all I ever wanted was for them to increase the lines that I already have.
    Not interested in 3 inq's and the potential for crap limit etc...
    Wonder what is up
  10. GEORGE

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: Re: Cap1 no longer taking CL inc req's

    Mention that you keep on getting more offers and all you want is a "BUMP" in the limit on the card you already have...
  11. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: Re: Cap1 no longer taking CL inc req's

    GEORGE - that is interesting as they told me my card $5900 - was the MAX limit available for my acct.

    I am certain they did not arbitrarily decide these Plat
    Accts would go no higher than $5900 LOL!

    I planetfed to corp asking for a No-Hassle for $7500 - or to just raise me to $7500.

    Of course, due to that Circuit City purchase - er - they report my high credit as $53XX.

    aarf - dogman
  12. faztcobra

    faztcobra Well-Known Member

    This is Providian's (new?) policy as well. I've had an account open with them since '01 and haven't received any sort of increase...probably makes a difference that I haven't used the card a whole lot. I called them today to request a bump in CL to try and make up for some of the lost amount when I closed Crap1 and I was told that they review accts every 6 months and that they no longer increase CL by customer request. I guess this is gonna be a common practice.
  13. GEORGE

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    $20,000 and $30,000 ARE MAX CREDIT LIMITS...(UYGF)

    ...BUT I see the UYGF is spreading...
  14. mselfemps

    mselfemps Member

    I ran into the same thing. Here is a letter I am considering sending after I close on the house.

    To whom it may concern:

    I must regretfully inform you that I am canceling the credit card number xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. Based on the spreadsheet model which consists of a combination of Fees, Interest_rates, Credit_limit, and Observation (FICO), your offering no longer meets my standards.

    As we both know, customer loyalty is non-existent in the business world. Even though I have used your product for a number of years, I must take this step.



    I actually do have a spreadsheet to justify which cards to keep based on cost of credit (my perception). Canceled a cap 1 3 years ago, Providian last year. One of the BofA is probably next after Cap 1
  15. GEORGE

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    I "WAS" a 3+ year customer!!!
  16. Jaboom97

    Jaboom97 Well-Known Member

    I spoke to Mr. Cooke this morning Monday 08/18/03 at 9am, and he did say that they are proactively reviewing accounts and will not take any further requests to increase a credit line, and that the system will review it automatically for an increase if eligible, the system will increase it. Two seconds later he doubled my current credit line on an old gold account that I rarely use from 3,000 to 6,000 cl.(doesn't really matter as I will have to write a bt check or conv check to report the new limit now== more work on my part now.)

    If you put that request in there soon he might be able to help you for the time being, as I am not sure when the cut off is for not letting the system make decisions. My Platinum Visa account was too new to make changes to since, it was actually opened as a Plat MC last August, but converted to a Platinum Visa this past April. The April date is now its official birthday so surely the system will be making credit line decisions for this account, it already has a 5,250 credit line already.(Too bad he couldn't double this one's cl, as I get no fee bt checks on this account with the low go to rate of 4.9-5.9 goto rate.(Not my current APR on this card though), as I have a 0% until next April on purchases, I believe 9.9% thereafter. But it is too new for any changes to this account go figure. Even though technically it is 12 months old without any changes, other than the association conversion last April from MC to Visa. He is also deleting an account that he was supposed to delete from my credit bureau reports back in June, as when they converted me to the Plat Visa, they sent a new Plat MC as well, so it showed an account that I never requested or activated on my reports, he called me and advised me he would correct the mistake and mask it from all three of my reports, but instead the status changed to account closed by consumer, so he said he would investigate and send a form to the bureaus removing it for good. I never used the account nor did I request a new Platinum Mastercard, he is very kind and very helpful and understanding of the business.

    I was 100% pleased with my call outcome today.
  17. GEORGE

    GEORGE Well-Known Member



  18. Jaboom97

    Jaboom97 Well-Known Member

    I agree it does sound like Target credit practices. I have the Target Visa too, and NO cl increases yet (automatic), they did lower my interest tier--upon asking, but I don't pay anything interest to them anyhow. I have been a cardmember since July 2002. Hmmmppphhhhh on Target
  19. GEORGE

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: Cap1 no longer taking CL inc req's

    ME 12/24/01 +$ phone last year...NOTHING since
  20. FedUp2003

    FedUp2003 Well-Known Member

    I've been trying for months, but still can't figure out what UYGF stands for?


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