Cap1 Online System error?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Marie, Apr 11, 2001.

  1. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Ok, I now have all 3 of my accounts online (with payments due) and I have a really strange display. ;(

    When I pull my accounts online, the "My Statement" is correct. It matches my hard copy statement. But when I go to the "Pay My Bill" page online it has a smaller minimum payment due.

    Eg: My Visa statement just dropped. On the statement, my minimum due is $27.00.

    But online, when I go to the "Pay My Bill" page it says my minimum is only $23.00. In essence, the system is prompting me to pay less than my statements tell me to and I am wondering why Cap1 doesn't seem concerned when I called them to tell them of the error.

    This is my 3rd account that has had this strange online issue.

    For all of you with Cap1, please look at your online statements and match your "Statement" min amount due with your "Pay My Bill" page. Are they the same?

    The reason I'm worried is because if I had just used the "Pay My Bill" page I would've underpaid my minimum by $4. That would be enough to trigger a negative rating and to trigger fees. Hmmmm. fees.

    Do you think they're doing this stuff purposefully? I've never seen this before, but I've pulled my accounts from 2 different computers (with different browsers) and I'm getting the same.

    Is Cap1 trying to pull an online fast one?
  2. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    probably just a bug in their buggy system.

    I had a double auth go through recently. $302 one day, then $302 the next day. I call up and complain, they fix the problem, then 2 days later $302 auth again! I finally bitched to executive offices and they took care of it.

    Buggy buggy software.
  3. marci

    marci Well-Known Member


    Thanks so much for sharing this information. It is disconcerting. Unfortunately, as of
    now I have no minimum payment due, but as soon as my account cycles I will
    compare my statement to the "pay now" page.

    Like you, I always pay way more than the minimum anyway, but you're right that
    it is an awful bug. Maybe if you paid the minimum listed on the "pay now" page
    and got hit with late fees, then you could REALLY complain via PLanetfeedback and
    get some real changes to your account (especially if you threaten to sue for
    false billing practices). The only drawback is that Citibank tells you on their site
    that their online statement should not be used as proof of anything, but only the
    statement by mail is the "real" one. Who knows...

    I do wonder if Cap One is trying to pull something over on people.


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