Cap1: passive-aggressive or ???

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by DanS, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. DanS

    DanS Well-Known Member

    Starting to see a weird pattern. I called up to see if I could get the "other half" of my yearly fee w/cap1 waived. They said no, since I just half of it waived and it was only a year old total.

    Today I see they waived the fee. Previously, I asked for a CL bump and they said I had to wait until September (one year anniversary). Three weeks later, in August, went from $500 to $1200.

    No letter, just changed.

    Also, getting a credit means I'll still be charged the fee. Am I going to have to call them every year?

    GEORGE Well-Known Member


    FLEET did the same thing to me...

    CAN I HAVE A LIMIT INCREASE ON MY ACCOUNT...NO...a couple of weeks later...INCREASE...
  3. DanS

    DanS Well-Known Member

    George, I'm encouraged that (a) this happens to someone else and (b) since your credit is immaculate, I might be doing Good Things in their eyes.

    I'm just a tad worried if the (c) UYGF becomes the UYGODF ("George OR Dan")....

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