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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by will, Feb 14, 2001.

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    I had an appointment cancel this morning, so after getting an extra 3000 minutes a month for free from AT&T (they gave me a new promotion because I was complaining about my service), I figured I'd take some time and harass cap1 re combining my gold cards into the unsecured one since it would be 6 months old in about two weeks. The rep told me that it would have to be approved and it'd be a hassle 'cause I wouldn't be able to use my card for a couple of weeks, etc., so right as I was getting ready to become the "irate customer from hell" she asks me why I wanted to combine. I tell her that keeping the two cards it's hard to keep track of payments, and the limits are kind of low. So then she asks if I would be interested in seeing what she could offer me. The results:
    Cap1 unsecured: $300 limit increase (just like combining cards)
    Cap1 secured: from 25 to 15.9% (still $300 after 2.5 years w/$100 when changed to gold)
    Kmart Card (that the rep had to remind me about: used once and filed): $100 limit increase after 2 biling cycles -- have to remember to call back about not having online access.
    When she asked if I would like anything else, I slipped in that "I would ask for an increase on the secured card, but I wouldn't want to ask for too much", just to see how generous she wanted to be since she asked if I'd like a rate change or an increase. I figured the lower rate would still be there if I ever did get another increase. I didn't get it, but I'm definitely happy w/the results.
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    RE: cap 1

    Will, you pretty much get an automatic increase ($100 or $200) every 6 months on the day , if you've been good and your secured is a standard product version!.

    Never the less, good work, call about every 4 months, talk to account manager in retention, and ask what the computer can do for you.. Seems like the folks who work there are all at the mercy of the computer,

    does it not strike you odd that a computer has so much power over millions of peoples spending abilities and rates? kinda big brother to me..

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