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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MS, Jun 8, 2000.

  1. MS

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    I received a offer from CApital One about VISA Gold ard. I already have Capital One Secured card/$500 limit/. I really hesitate to take this offer because the only deference in those two cards is that the Gold one is not secured. I mean- the APR is the same, and even the anual fee of the Gold card is $39/ anual fee of Secured is $29/.My question is : Is it worth to take this offer? I already have MC/unsecured$750/ and Discover /unsecured$1500/. What do you think ?
    Thank you in advance .
  2. Steven Z

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    I have commented many times that I consider this "gold card" the biggest joke in the industry, that is until the post preceeding yours mentions the Providian Gold version with even worse terms which is no surprise since it is a much worse company.

    I suppose the next banks we will see such pathetic offerings are from Associates and First USA.

    MS, to put it plainly these cards are "sub-prime" which I believe you already have one in the form of a MC with a limit of $750 and a 'true' prime card in Discover with double that limit.

    The answer is simple, don't waste your time on these useless sub-prime offers, whether they call it 'gold' or otherwise. Call back Capital One voice and say you are rejecting this offer and moreover insist on a 'classic' Visa with a limit that at least matches the one on your Discover, which is certainly a far better bank and card.

    Otherwise, wait until you get a 'true' better offer.
  3. MS

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    Thanks Steven for your advise.
    I will definitely reject that 'joke of the industry' /I like that/. Anyway I'm going to try to call back , although I don't beleive they vill match my criteria.
    Thanks again.

  4. D. Blundel

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    Unless you like 26.99% APR, I wouldn't touch Capital One. They may start low, but the first oportunity to raise you, they will do it with a vigor.

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