Capital One (Bait and Switch)

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Grandlady, Apr 12, 2001.

  1. Grandlady

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    Here is my story. I am 87 yrs going on 25yrs old. I applied for a Citibank Card, was approved for 20k in (60) seconds. I did'nt like the balance transfer terms so cancelled the card. I loved Capital One 0% interest and 9.9% terms. Applied and recieved $200.00 credit line in 7 days. I may be old but I am no fool. The old Bait and Switch card. I called Capital One, they said I could get a 100.00 increase in 6 months. Are there credit reps on dope. My credit is A-1, my grandson said my score is 827. My net worth over 7 figures. I pay American Express $1000.00 a year fee for the Black Century Card. $200.00 does not even cover my martini bill for one night. Believe me folks stay away from Capital One. They are not a real credit card company. The rep thought I was a idiot. She said that I have a great deal on my credit card. And I could make my credit even better by having the card. No way.
  2. Alex

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    Re: Capital One (Bait and Swit

    I dont know... I really cant say anything bad about Cap1 because they
    gave me credit when I needed it most and everyone else said NO, I have
    their Platinum card now
    and I started with their $200 secured card 3 years ago so they've been good
    to me.

    But with the kind of credit that you mention you should not worry about this,
    I'm sure there's a mistake here on somebody's part but Cap 1 is definitely
    an excellent company.

    Anyways just about every bank will be happy to extend to you credit with the
    type of credit hystory you've revealed so this shouldnt be a problem, there are
    plenty of companies willing to give you their business.

  3. Saar

    Saar Banned

    Re: Capital One (Bait and Swit

    Grandlady, did you apply for their Platinum and got their Classic?

  4. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    Re: Capital One (Bait and Swit

    Not to be snobby or anything, but if your net worth is that high, why would you even want a credit card?

    something smells fishy with that post.
  5. marci

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    Re: Capital One (Bait and Swit


    How did you get a Cap One platinum 3 years after starting with a secured card?
    Do you mind sharing your progress with Cap One?


  6. Mike

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    Re: Capital One (Bait and Swit

    I'm also really angry at Cap1. I applied for the Platinum and they gave me the classic card with a $1,000 limit. What kind of crap is this? My first card, an unsecured Providian card with no annual fee had a higher limit than this. Cap1 did give me the 9.9% rate but I was already mad at their offer so I cancelled their stupid card. I think the max limit you get with Cap1 Platinum is $20,000. This is pathetic, I get this much with my MBNA Quantum along with concierge service, no balance transfer fees, and a whole host of other benefits. Anyway, maybe it was for the better because Cap1 doesn't report limits so this would have screwed up my credit/debt ratios.

    I will NEVER do business with Cap1 again!!!
    Any new Cap1 offers will go straight into the shredder.
  7. Grandlady

    Grandlady Guest

    Re: Capital One (Bait and Swit

    I spoke with Capital One today gave me 20k limit.

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