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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by J.S. Strin, Mar 18, 2000.

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    Capital One Bank is offering some of their cardholders the option of lowering their interest rate on purchases.

    To do so, the cardholder returns a form that says "I want to take adantage of the fixed rate of 12.9% and other changes described in the Important Information ..."

    Listed as a footnote in the Important Information is the following:
    "Non-introductory rates are subject to change if (i) you do not kep your Capital One Account in good standing; or (ii) you do not maintain good standing on your other credit accounts and excellent performance with the credit bureaus. To be in good standing includes not being overlimit, 30 or more days past due or restricted."

    If you accept the lower interest rate offer, you are also accepting this very important change in the cardholder agreement.

    If your credit report ever becomes less-than perfect, your interest rate will go up. And we've all seen stories on how inaccurate many credit reports are.

    I suspect this offer is being made to their unsuspecting customers that may have possible negative information in their credit reports.

    P.S. Exactly what does 'restricted' mean? Is it a credit card that I closed at consumer request because I didn't like the bank's new cardmember agreement (and am paying down the balance according to the old agreement)?

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