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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Pat, Aug 18, 2000.

  1. Pat

    Pat Guest

    A major class action law firm is consdering a class action against Capital One for add ons and is requesting input:

    this DOES NOT mean there will be a lawsuit

    note: I never had any problems like this with Capital One. I was merely searching for CCB class action info & saw it.
  2. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    I am actually considering applying for a card with this company and this is the line that most concerns me

    "charging fees for unauthorized "add-on" products and/or services;"

    I have heard similar complaints on this matter before on this site and elsewhere.
  3. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    I have had an account with Capital One for a couple of years. I have never had a problem with anything being added to my account that I did not authorize. Customer service is excellent so if a telemarketer added something unauthorized, I'm sure customer service will correct your account without issue. Try not to be too concerned. :)
  4. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    I've never had a problem with Capital One adding on unauthorized charges to my account. I've been both a sub-prime and a prime cardholder with them and have had absolutely no problems with them.

    They will, however, sell your name and phone number to what seems to be hundreds of telemarketing firms who will drive you nuts trying to sell you credit protection plans, accidental death and dismemberment plans, and all kinds of other crap for you to try "free" for thirty days. I'm not sure if I gave them authorzation to do this, or if it's something they feel free to do automatically. I haven't even cared to look it up. I just give them a polite "no, thank you" and hang up.

    Still, I receive a "special offer exclusively for Capital One cardholders" at least once a day. If you'd find this annoying, be prepaperd to deal with it once you sign up for a Capital One card.
  5. Pat

    Pat Guest

    I never had a problem with Capital One. I just came across the info about the class action, and thought I should post it for others to see.
  6. T

    T Guest

    It's very bad if someone does sell your information to telemarket.Even you say no to those salesman,It's still possible the charge will appear on your next statement.Then you have to dispute that for monthes.
  7. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    Once a day!!! This is TOTALLY unacceptable.

    I mean I knew it was bad, but never imagined it could be this bad!

    I guess I'll look elsewhere.
  8. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    I'm well aware of what the more unscrupulous telemarketing salesman will do, especially if its nearing the end of the month and they have to meet their quota.

    Then its like pulling teeth to remove the fraudulent charge though invariably you get stuck paying the interest if not the finance charge.

    The worst part is these crooks typically work for either an affliate or wholy owned subsidiary of the bank and to my knowledge, NEVER get taken to task for their illegal conduct. Which obviously means the bank CONDONES the conduct.
  9. heather

    heather Well-Known Member

    I had the problem with "special offers" also. I called the company and they explained that they come from thior business partners. I asked them to remove me from the mailing lists they share and the volume has significantly declined. It is very rare that I receive calls or offers in the mail anymore.
  10. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    I don't receive calls that frequently. However, they do give you an option as to whether you would like your name removed from their marketing lists. You are reminded of this option at least once per year via your monthly statement.
  11. bbarlow

    bbarlow Guest

    Steven. I have read many of your posts. Most are eloquent, however they are inevitably negative. This bothers me, I am looking for positve information on lines of credit I might entertain, if not now than in the future. Your input is certainly taken into account...but perhaps some positive info would be helpfull as well.
  12. Herman

    Herman Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, I believe steven is telling
    the truth about these credit industrys
    crooks. It's negatives, But then it's the facts.
  13. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    You have a point there.

    Still I have found some good companies out there and have always made certain to extole their virtues until proven otherwise.

    Such as

    Western Security Bank - Without a doubt the best secured card offer on the market it is unfortunate it is no more.

    Orchard Bank - Best sub-prime company, I had stopped recommending for a time when it appeared new ownership threatened to bring it down to the sewer level of many of their competitors, but fortunately this has not been the case

    There have been others, which I have noted as well.

    While its nice to be able to portray the bright side of things one cannot dismiss recent history which is that the credit/finance industry bribed congress to pass a host of anti-consumer legislation the effects of which are being felt (and resented) by an ever increasing number of individuals.

    This is a changing industry which "in my opinion" while taking great strides in offering many more options to the consumer has become far less forgiving and much greedier and doesn't care how many corners it cuts to that end.

    Also, as I have commented before along the lines of "If somebody told you two years ago that XXX XXXXX XXXXX would happen you would either laugh in his face or call him a crazy liar".

    To me, the most disturbing trend is an increasing number of the prime and even premium creditors are resorting to practices that used to be limited strictly to the sub-prime niche.

    Actually, my thoughts towards a positive posting lean towards a recent post by Dogman in regards to what we have learned and subsequently benefited so far from this site. To that effect I am putting together my own list and will be posting that soon.

    I enjoy being on these credit sites and taking up the battle against what I deem are unfair practises, unfortunately, this confrontatial style does lead to a more 'negative perspective'.

    In closing, consider this, I had originally decided to start building my credit lines in the US because it appeared to be so easy to do so compared to Canada where I felt I didn't have a chance.

    My first consideration was towards Cross Country Bank and Providian and it was only sheer luck and laziness that saved my ass of which I'm very grateful to this site. And regardless of how negative some of my posts may be you can be sure I retain that smile secure in the knowledge that I did not become another victim.

    Which brings me to another post I'm working on which details the remarkable differences between American and Canadian credit grantors.
  14. bbarlow

    bbarlow Guest

    Again eloquent, what more can I say. You certainly have a talent for the written word.

    I do agree to a certain extent, of course we need to remember the money we speak of is not ours. Banks however harsh they may seem with their lending practices are within their rights, it is their money.

    I do agree with you on many points. I being in the sub prime catagory will probably put up with more than is normal, although I have recieved what I consider to be good service and have actually had some succsess in having rates lowered after a good history, Providian recently lowered my apr fom 23.99 to 16.9, a dramatic decrease, better than some so called "prime cards" although I am not sure this is an indicator of future performance(to coin a phrase) this only took a year of good history. If this continues, especially at this pace I will be a customer for life.

    I believe some of thesr "subprime" banks hold promise, especially as a large population of less than prime credit customers move into prime areas. I do believe that knowledge of our place, and our power plays a large roll in moving upward and onward.
  15. CardReport

    CardReport Guest

    I wonder if some of the "unauthorized ad-ons" are more the result of confusion rather than deliberate/blatant "cramming."

    Sometimes when a cardholder calls the automated customer service (e.g. to activate a new or renewal card), there will be a recorded sales pitch for "credit insurance" or something, with "Press 1 to accept, or press 2 to decline.")

    It seems like it could be easy for the cardholder to accidentally hit the wrong key.

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  16. Larry

    Larry Guest

    I've been a customer of Capital One for a year now... and NEVER had a problem... with them... however, just last month my statement reflected an unauthorize membership fee from a "Travelers Choice" for the amount of $70... I immediately contacted Capital One to let them know of the charge and then contacted Travelers Choice... they evidently made a mistake... my account was credited $70 the next business day...

    My advise: check your statement online frequently.. people make mistakes... communication is the best policy... inform your Credit Card company and the other organization involved quickly... don't loose your cool.

    p.s. Capital One customer service is superb...

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