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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by earl5831, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. earl5831

    earl5831 Active Member

    anyone had any luck removing late pays from credit bureaus after goodwill request from pfb...
  2. BurnIt

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    My situation was this. I was building a home, starting in April 2002. There was one 30 day late on my Cap One tradeline from 99. I simply called Cap One, told them I was building a home, and asked if they could remove it. Since I had been on time for 3 years, they took it off. I didn't ask for a supervisor. The CSR simply took care of it, and thanked me for being a valued customer. They sent me a letter, confirming this. Within 60 days it was off all 3 CRA reports. It took 60 days with Equifax, just 2 weeks with the others.

    Same situation with Retailer's Natl Bank. One thirty day, and it was deleted and I had a letter in my hands confirming this.

    How recent were the lates?
  3. earl5831

    earl5831 Active Member

    as recent as aug 2003
    spoke with account mgr he said crap one would possibly be in trouble if audited reference removing late pays etc..... i am not buying that b.s.
    i asked him what harm is it by keeping late pays on my credit report didnt have a good enough answer for me to believe.... as soon as i pay them i will shoot them a nasty letter telling them i how i really feel..... i might try another supervisor....but i suspect the csr probably flagged my account to future csr's when and if i call in the future..
  4. bizwiz41

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    I had success w/Cap1 for removal of 30 day lates also. It depends upon the "reason" for the lates, and your history as a customer, as well as the CSR you deal with.

    Mine was not a easy one, but I kept writing, and calling, after 2 "No"s until they agreed. Then they sent me a letter stating they would remove, and apologized for any inconvenience!

    So, it can be done. It may take more than one try but just keep at it! They actually are pretty good to deal with.

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