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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by melmonette, Nov 26, 2000.

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    Hi all, I have had a Capital One Account for several years. Anyway, I got pregnant in 1999 and unfortunately I had a problem(an abrupted placenta and wasn't allowed to work at all. Well needless to say, we fell way behind on things and they refused to work with me in a hardship program. Citibank(which I have also but had it insured too was more than willing to help us out in this crisis. Anyway, I only had a 500 dollar limit in which only 300 dollars was charged on it. WEll late fee upon late fee, then over the limit fee and more late fees combined with finance charges has now left me with a balance of 1700 dollars from an original 500 dollar limit. This guy Art, from their legal department, has been working with me since July, and I have been paying 100 dollars a month on it. He also has offered me several settlements but I haven't taken them because we never have like 900 dollars extra just laying around so I continue to just pay my 100 bucks a month in which he calls me to set up a check over the phone deal every month. We talk about our job situation and what not, which is poor since we live in the UP of Mich and there isn't any money up here. We are trying and have been trying to seek employment out of the area for over 8 months and nothing yet but we keep plunging at it. Anyway, I guess the reason I hate them so much is after all this time I have been paying the 100 bucks a month, my balance is only 40 dollars less than it was in July when I started and it makes me even more mad that I originally only had a 500 dollar credit limit but do to unseen circumstances I am stuck paying this 1700 dollar bill which 1200 of it is all interest, late fees and over the limit fees. So learn from me and don't get sick, hurt or lose your job because that small limit can turn awful.
    Oh just to let you all know I did also get a providian gold card this summer and just got my first increase and the invite to get the providian mc too. So far I love them, I am using our providian visa as kind of a use and pay right away type account so hopefully this will be some pluses in my credit file.

    thanks for listening,
    I am learning so much from this board already. I will be posting more soon about old past closed credit cards soon, so I hope you all don't get sick of me.
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    You should visit
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    Thanks for sharing melmonette. I'm sure some of your stories can be of help to many of us. Welcome! :)
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    I hear you, but you also had the optional "credit protection" plan on the capitalone card. They've tried to sell me on that numerous times. Seemed expensive, until something like this comes around! Best of luck
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    Capital One

    Thanks for sharing with us. Capital One is really doing you wrong. It looks like they're charging you a late fee and an overlimit fee every month, even though you're on time with your makeup payments.

    One lesson I get from this is that you ALWAYS need to make your payments on time. The standard advice is never to take a cash advance from one card to pay another, but it's worth it to avoid turning a late $10 payment into a $200 event, or even worse in your case.

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