Capital One - I'm cracking up!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cadillac408, Feb 23, 2001.

  1. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    Just got this in my inbox from Capital One:

    Subject: Activate your new card today!

    Dear MP$40,

    Thanks again for applying for a Capital One® credit card over the
    Internet! You still have the opportunity to accept our offer for a
    secured credit card. Since you've already been approved, getting your
    card is easy. Just print this e-mail and clip the deposit slip below,
    then attach a check or money order for your deposit amount of
    $199 (made out to Capital One) and mail it to:

    Capital One
    P.O. Box 85553
    Richmond, VA 23285-5553

    Your card will arrive about three weeks after we receive
    your deposit.

    Getting Credit Is Smart
    Getting a credit card is a smart move. You're on your way to:

    * Receiving an initial credit line of $0 and being considered
    periodically for line increases
    * Accruing interest on your security deposit
    * Building strong credit

    If you have any questions about this offer, our Customer Service
    Representatives are available at 1-800-333-7116 to assist you.


    R. Paige Clay
    Customer Relations Group Manager

    P.S. Your offer will expire if we do not receive your security
    deposit by August 31, 2001. Be sure to clip the deposit slip below
    and mail your check today!

    Initial credit line of $0? I'm cracking up! Are these people serious?

    Maybe I'll call them and say that I'll do it if they lower the desposit to $99? I would be willing to do this and pay the annual $35 fee for the trade line. But not if I have to pay some monthly b.s. fee also.
  2. Sorin

    Sorin Well-Known Member

    RE: Capital One - I'm cracking

    Whoa... that's got to be the coolest offer I've seen :))) Please use my deposit of $199 to secure my line of $0:))

    Probably a computer burp...
  3. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    RE: use it to your advantage.

    Companies like cap 1 might let you use this to your advantage.

    Doctor 50's in front of the 0 in the email and call them up!!
  4. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    RE: use it to your advantage.

    Already tried that! They know that if your deposit requirement is $199, that the card limit is $200. I called them to see if I could negotiate the deposite amount down to $99 and the rep wasn't trying to hear that! He was like, an offer is an offer and is not negotiable. Then he stated that after 6 months of good pay history, etc. that the terms could be renegotiated. Whatever...It would be nice to have the trade on my reports but not at the cost of $199! Besides I know if I was to reapply, I would get a better offer than the $199 deal because I've gotten a lot of stuff deleted off of my reports (via Junum) since I originally applied for the card in August 2000. But I don't want to add any more inquires to my reports (I'm on the wagon so to speak) until I'm done repairing. I already blew it when I applied for the Chase secured and was DENIED! :-(
  5. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    RE: Capital One - I'm cracking

    I got one of those in my email too, and I sure as hell haven't applied for a Capital One secured card. I've had their Platinum card for quite some time. Are they becoming destitute enough for new customers that they would resort to spam emails?
  6. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    RE: Capital One - I'm cracking

    Yes they are Doris K, apparently. As I have said before, CAPITAL ONE REALLY GETS ON MY NERVES.

  7. rolo

    rolo Well-Known Member

    re apply

    Hey maybe if you re apply thell give you a $200.00 limit like they gave me.
  8. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    RE: re apply

    who u talking to. I know you aint telling me to apply for another capital one card. PLEZE!
  9. rolo

    rolo Well-Known Member

    no roni

    I was talking to mp$40,thank you!
  10. rolo

    rolo Well-Known Member

    RE: no roni

    You sure are arrogant tonight whats wrong,pulled to many teeth today.
  11. roni

    roni Well-Known Member


    Just the opposite. I didnot pull enough. I am just having some fun that's all. I never do anything that I can apologize for though. Sorry.
  12. rolo

    rolo Well-Known Member

    RE: cap one

    maybe you can help me get a limit increase from cap one its maxed out at $200.00.
  13. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    RE: cap one

    I would call and cancel. When I had my secured card for 6 months, they didnot give me an increase. I called and they said it was because I was over the limit twice. I wasnot watching my limits that closely then. I got pissed and said, I close this stupid card and send me my money. She gave me $200 then.

  14. GEORGE

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    RE: cap one

    CHARGE $199.00 pay it off the next month.

    Then tell them that you would be able to charge more, if they ever gave you a LOGICAL CREDIT LINE!!!

  15. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    The thought crossed my mind...

    .....but no thanks! Capital One is just too cheezee for me. Besides, I'm saving on inquiries until I really need them. Cap1 is not a necessity right now.
  16. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    RE: Heehee.

    Dang! I was going to ask who pissed in your Cheerios, but I think Capital One did it! ;-)

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