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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by miles, Jan 30, 2001.

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    I called them to request a credit limit increase (we all know how that goes). I have had the gold card for over 1 year (and the silver for two). No lates or overlimits. I pay at least twice per month on all of my cards with a balance. The automated system congratulated me on my huge $200 increase! What? I then called customer service to express my disappointment. The rep was nice, but stated that was all that was available on my account. I immediately stated I wanted to close my account. I had a zero balance so now was as good a time as any. I was then of course transferred to retention. The rep was very friendly, apologetic and stated that I should receive a higer increase. He gave me a $1,000 increase. I accepted, but they are still going to have to come up with more than that soon. My Providian has an $8,000 limit (with a low balance) and I will have my last major negative removed from all of my reports in one to two months. Hopefully I will be ready for Prime. Yeah!
    It's kind of frustrating that you work so hard to improve your file and some creditors still throw you peanuts. I have many positive tradelines; the longest dating back to 1993. The only negatives I have left are one chargeoff which has already been removed from one of my reports & should fall off the other two any time now & 1 30 day late from like 5 years ago (not really an issue). I can't wait to get out of this SUBPRIME HELL!
    Sorry, I just had to vent. Thanks all for listening! :)
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    You Ready for the AMEX Green?

    You'll love this! They lowered my rate to 13.9% after I got the AMEX - a silver card for over 2 yrs with a huge $2300 limit.

    I called em, perfect pay of course - they approved me for a large $300 increase.
    I hung up. I have the card for 13.9 if I revolve - but Miles, AMEX makes it unimportant.

    They will be history in about July. Snip!
    CYA Dogman

    Miles - I would definitely apply for the AMEX Green Card - give it about til March -
    then call customer service B4 you apply - then, if the credit system bounces you, the ACCT MGR is already poised to send the Card.

    I think you'll get it. Hell, I had a Chap 13 for $127K, all unsecured cards. 40 cards actually!

    Actually, I bet if you called AMEX tonight or tomorrow, told them about your lousy Cap One experience, you'll probably get a Green Card now.

    CYA Dogman
  3. miles

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    RE: You Ready for the AMEX Gre

    Thanks Dogman. Applying tomorrow is very tempting. ;-) I am seriously comtemplating applying for the Amex Green in a couple of months. I'm getting kind of excited. Kind of like a kid in a candystore. I don't know which flavor (of card) to pick!

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