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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Can I Get, Jun 17, 2000.

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    I currently have the marble green Capital One Visa card which is partially secured â?? $600 deposited as "security funds" with a limit of $2,100. Annual fee is $29. Interest rate is 19.80% with a 25 grace period. My two year anniversary is coming up with Capital One and since I first got the card all negative information has been deleted from my credit history. This is my only credit card and I want to know what the procedure is about getting the card replaced. Will they mail me the same old marble green card, or can I select a card from the choices offered on their website? Also, will I be in a position to get my "security funds" deposit back and ask for a cancellation of the annual fee? I have had a perfect 2 year history with Capital One and feel they owe me something. What should I expect or ask for?
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    i have the same card. capital one waived the annual fee on my account. this just took a phone call. getting the account unsecured can be more problematic. you should apply for a second card with a different bank, hopefully for better terms. once you get it (which you should since you're credit is perfect), call capital one and tell them that you want your account to be closed unless they unsecure it and reduce the interest rate.

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