Capital One offered to waive m

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jim, Oct 19, 2000.

  1. Jim

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    I switch to MCI for my long distance telephone carrier. Anyone had any experience?
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    RE: Capital One offered to wai

    I had something between MCI (my new cell phone co) and flier miles w/ South West. So I switched and AT&T has been bugging me to switch back ever since! It's frustrating.....I've gotten them to stop calling everyday but now their new thing is sending me a check in the mail to switch. I've gotten 3 checks so far for only $20 each time though. All I have to do is call, get some check code number, deposit the check and that's that. I'm waiting for a bigger check! My neighbor got one for $60!

    So my advice is to play along and switch and as soon as the fee is waived, swithch to something else. Play their games! Long distance companies are fools!
  3. Steve S.

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    RE: Capital One, AT&T and

    Another strategy is to call your current carrier when you get one of those $20 AT&T checks and they (your current carrier) will normally credit you the amount of the check to keep you as a customer. That way AT&T will continue to send you checks and you will continue to reap the rewards with your current carrier.

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