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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Consumer, Jul 19, 2000.

  1. Consumer

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    I applied for the new capital one platinum olympic visa. The terms for the card are: 0% apr for 6 months, thereafter 9.9%, no annual fee. I have read the disclosure on there site to confirm the terms.
    For some reason, I did not qualify for the platinum card, but was given a gold card. It was done on their instant decision application. I rechecked the disclosure on there web site and confirmed the same terms as the platinum. I called into the customer service to confirm the terms and it has changed!!!
    To my amazement, the terms are 0% for 6 months, 19.9% thereafter. Also, there is a $39 annual fee. How can this be possible? I tried talking to them to wave the annual charge but the wouldn't. I even talked to a supervisor they confirmed the disclosure on the internet, but would not waive the annual fee.
    Does anyone know who I can talk to in the executive offices at capital one to try to change the terms? Or maybe someone else that I can complain to? I felt that I was be defrauded by their disclosure. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. dogman

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    go to their web site - you'll also be thrilled to find out that the CAP ONE GOLD VISA has a credit line from $200 to
    MAX $2000.

    If you plan that European vacation, better keep the itinerary to just a few countries-
    those that have a "Y" to stay in
  3. JOSE

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    I did the same thing.
    I apply for the Olympic platinum card, and got in the mail a letter saying that i did not qualify , but that i did qualify for
    another card where i had to pay a $39 fee, and i would have a 19.9% APR .
    THank God i went to some other sites,and
    and them here to find more about them.
    They suck!
  4. ash

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    RE: Capital One "sucks&qu

    I agree with you that capital one sucks! I have been their customer for several years, made all my payments on time and paid triple the amount on the statement, and they wouldnt even give me a credit increase. Furthermore, I have 2 friends with a cap-card, and my mom, and they are ReaLLy stingy with their credit. I told them today they can take a hike...
  5. Steven Z

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    RE: Capital One "sucks&qu

    In that case I'm sure you'll appreciate this url

    Show it to your friends and family and make sure to..

    Don't leave home with it hehe
  6. Hubert X

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    RE: Capital One "sucks&qu

    Yes, Capital One is stingy wuth credit lines, but their policy may be changing:

    (1) My neighborhood junk mail recently contained a loose flier from Capital One promoting their subprime card. It promised "regular reviews for credit line increases," almost an exact quote.

    (2) I recently received an unsolicited credit limit increase from $300 to $400 on my subprime Capital One VISA.
  7. Stormie

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    RE: Capital One "sucks&qu

    while they may not be one of the "prime " banks, they are still a good bank. I have had no problem with them, and always recieved regular credit line increases. Alot depends on the card / account type you have with them.
  8. Saar

    Saar Banned

    RE: Capital One

    Paying your balance through their on-line service would virtually guarantee none of the "horror" stories repeats itself.

    Customer service is always friendly.


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