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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by formydocs, Jan 19, 2009.

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    Capital One re-aged my CC account from Jan 2002 (in the EQFX Credit file dated 06/19/2008 I received from EQFX ) to July 2002 (in a report I pulled through myFICO in Dec 2008).

    EQFX is refusing to remove it (though it was their own report that indicated the date of 1st delinquency as 01/2002 initially). I have raised this dispute several times and everytime, they come back stating "the item has been verified with the Creditor" or something to that effect. EQFX representatives state "they have no old records, only the most recent one." What kind of system do these buggers have, that allows them to do "double-speak?" What is FTC doing?

    I have filed a complaint with the FTC and have mailed (the old and the new credit report from EQFX) with a Complaint, to EQFX.

    FTC tells me to get legal help.

    What do I do?

    Frustrated in the SouthEast
  2. greg1045

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    Like all Govt. institutions the FTC is as worthless when it comes to consumer issues like you described.. Only widely publisized class action lawsuits against creditors/credit reporting agencies might result in something that will eliminate the conspriracy of these cults, cartels, criminal enterprises.
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    EFX just reports what the creditors tell them. If the creditor says it's correct, then EFX says: "the creditor says it's correct." They don't know anything else. That you have an old report doesn't mean much.

    So, what this means is that it's between you and the creditor and you'll have to duke it out in court under a FCBA or FCRA dispute.

    Unfortunately the burden is on the consumer to straighten these things out.

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