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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by acegirl, May 19, 2001.

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    okay im confused here. my husband also got approved for a capital one card and his deposit is $49.00 can i also be have a card open in my name with his. i read the terms and all i can cross was (interst in the account;ownership of funds) it says : i understand that the account may be opened on an individual basis or jointly by two or more person. capital one may release funds relating to joint acounts upon instructions of any one of the person in whose name a joint account has been open.*** and on the general addendum it has a space for co-applicant sigature**

    so my questions is if he applied for the card and got approved can i also get on the account? or will we have to apply jointly in some way? i got approved for one myself of a deposit of $199.00.i really would like the one with low deposit.any suggestions how this secured card thing works with married people.

    thank you so much
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    Here's my guess. Let him get his card and then wait a couple of weeks. Then have him call and add you as an Authorized User and ask for an additional card in your name. They may charge you another $20 or so for the second card but you're still better off than the $200 you would have sent them for your own account. They will then report you to all CRAs. I did this with my wife on my First Premier cards so I know it can be done. Good Luck!

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