Capital One success...sort of

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by fingrrrl, Jul 7, 2001.

  1. fingrrrl

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    I wrote a few days ago replying to someone who said that paying large amounts off every month on your Capital One merited you large increases...I said that no such thing ever happened to me, who has a year of perfect history with them, pay in full every month, $300-400 on a $500 limit card. I complained to Mr. Miller about a dinky little increase ($200 in May) and no refund of my security deposit. He told me he couldn't increase my limit (WHAT? he does for everyone else here) and that my deposit couldn't be refunded. Well, I got a check in the mail today from Cap One...$101.62, my original $99 deposit plus interest. It was a nice surprise I must admit. Perhaps I can hold my breath for some sort of decent credit increase, like $1000 or more. Here's hoping...
  2. Maer

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    Sort of the same thing happened to me. He agreed to return my security deposit but no go on an increase. I recently checked my limit and it has TRIPLED. Actually it is a $100.00 over triple. I figured this is probably an error but I quickly did some balance transfers before they take it back.

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