Capital One?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Mike, Jan 20, 2001.

  1. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

    I know all the horrot stories behind Cross Country. I had that credit card and it was a NIGHTMARE!

    But, I just got a pre approved application for Capital One. WHat do you guys know about this company?
  2. Shantel

    Shantel Well-Known Member

    Go for it! They're stingy when it comes to increases though.
  3. Carrot

    Carrot Guest

    I was approved for an unsecured card with a $200 limit in June. In September, they gave me a $500 increase--I didn't even ask for it. So far I've had no problems, but I suggest you have a "do not promote" notation put on your account, otherwise they will try to sell you everything under the sun.
  4. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Let me tell you about c1

    I can not wait until I can toss Capital one.
    Why? Because they are so dang on arrogant. They truly get on my nerves. They target subprimers and then try to see how much they can get away with. At least providian will give you increases without hesitation with good payment history. Capital one will give you every excuse why they wont increase you until you threaten to close on them. Then the increases come. They tell you that you have to have the card for 6 months etc.etc. I called to close an account 2 months after I got it. They gave me a $300 increase on the spot just to keep it. Then they offered me more the following month when I called to close it. I cancelled anyway though.

    Now, they do of course have good points. The annual fee is among the lowest. The secured card has a great credit limit based on your X 2. They are quick at depositing payments. They allow up to 3 revolving accounts. If you are starting out, Capital one is ok. But they like to give ridiculously low limits on new accounts with no reasoning. Get this. I applied twice int the same night to capital one, by mistake. I thought the first application didnot go thru so i called them. I got both cards. One was for $200, and the other card was for $2000. Is that stupid.

  5. zip

    zip Well-Known Member

    hubby has this one,be careful with due dates.they tried to tell us that our payment was late. i talked to supervisor andd havent had problem since
  6. Carrot

    Carrot Guest

    Oh yeah

    If you do get this card, make payments online! I heard that Cap 1 can get right nasty if you're late.
  7. Geo

    Geo Well-Known Member

    Go for it!.Excellent Service!.You credit history will grow quickly.
  8. jamie

    jamie Well-Known Member

    RE: Let me tell you about c1

    Same thing happened to my hubby with the gold cards. Applied on-line got $200 about a week later an offer came in the mail. Applied again, got card in the mail $2000. I opened a reg Cap 1 in Dec. Got pre-approval for gold last week. Denied because I just applied under 45 days ago. Please wait 3 months before trying again. Both were done on-line.
  9. Angela

    Angela Guest

    Go for it guy!!!

    They will help you rebuild your credit. As the others have said; don't be a day late or a dollar short withem or you will pay.

    Started with 500. Now 3000 gold. Interest rate is still crappy. This year I want the apr lowered. For you that is 2 years away.
  10. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    RE: Good points bad points.

    After 1 year, you will get your deposit back.
    I've got $1600 in credit from them after 11 months starting with the $99 program. Not bad. Not great.

    Grace period. I've paid maybe $10 in interest to capitalone in the last year.

    Card: Reported as unsecured.

    Aura: Normal looking credit card, nothing super ugly (like embarassing aria), and no providian stigma.

    Customer support: Awesome.

    Online Access: Post payment NEXT business day.

    Yes they are stingy, but for the Cost ($99 deposit refundable, $39 yearly fee) you get a good deal.

    Lately aria has been asking :$89 annual fee, $49 application fee, Get $250 limit, no grace, 23.9% APR.

    Thats whack. I was stupid , did a similar deal, got the ugly card, and cancelled it. no thanks.
  11. rolo

    rolo Well-Known Member

    RE: Good points bad points.

    I hate capitalone they give me every reason they can think of not give an increase.yet they keep sending me a gold master card application I guess so they can get another $39.00 fee. and they keep trying to sell me something and hey know I only have a $200.00 limit.
  12. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    RE: Good points bad points.

    Weird. I've gone from $500 to $1600 in credit in less than one year :) Guess they treat customers differently?
  13. Laura

    Laura Guest

    RE: Good points bad points.

    I talked to them last nite regarding my account. The lady told me IF you have no lates, no over limits and no return checks, you can get an increase every 6 months. Last night on one card I got $150 increase and $300 increase on the other card. She told me to call back in June and normally the second increase is at least double so that would be $300 on one and $600 on the other. She said if you go overlimit once, it voids any increases for 6 months.
  14. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    RE: Good points bad points.

    Yes, that is strange for capital one.

  15. Cindy

    Cindy Well-Known Member

    RE: Good points bad points.

    I have to agree with Sam on this one, the Cap One program is way better than Aria...I dumped my Aria ($500 limit, had gone to $650 with bogus credit insurance program...what a mistake!!) and got two Cap Ones, one with $200 limit (and they will not budge on that one, at least for me, for at least 6 months) and one with $500 limit. I can pay online, which is great for me, and the interest rate, while still bad (19.5% APR) is still better than Aria. You do have to make sure that they don't try to sell you unneeded stuff if you call them, though...

  16. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    Good company. - Cap 1

    I got my Cap 1 card in Nov. 1998. The same month I filed Chap 7 BK. 1,000 limit and $29 a year. In September 1999, I got upgraded to a 3,000 limit gold card with no fee. the interest is still horrible. (20.5%) I have been very happy with the card. Both offers were preapproved. I just got a providian gold card for 3,000 this month, no fee, 25 day grace period. Just like the Cap 1 card.
  17. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member


    Hi, thanks to all of you for your input about Capitol One.

    I appreciate your help. I wish this board would have been around in 1997 when I got Cross Country Bank. Those people were crazy!

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