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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MikeB, May 12, 2001.

  1. MikeB

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    I called Cap One Customer Service to combine my two cards. I asked for retention, but they asked me for what, and then C.S. said they could help me instead. Bah. She said she could combine the cards, but that I am not eligible for an increase since it hasn't been 6 months yet. I then said fine and asked for an APR reduction. She said I am already at the lowest rates. So 18.47% on Gold and 19.8% for Classic is the lowest? LoL. I guess I should have wrote through planetfeedback to begin with.
  2. SEAN

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    One would be challenged to think of a way Capital One customer service could have handled your account more ineptly. What we seem to find is that Capital One customer service associates not only are poorly trained, but are willing to say just about anything to get you off the phone. I had two plat. accounts with Cap One, paid both off and closed them. I find that Cap One's practice of not reporting credit limits to the bureaus to be anything but in the consumers best interest. For Classic and "GOLD" (which is a big joke since the average gold customer has a limit ranging from $500-$1500, which is clearly a suspect limit more along the lines of a classic card) customers trying to obtain a line increase is an uphill battle and for the most part an absolute waste of time. This company does not care about its customers and should be avoided as far as I'm concerned. Good Luck.

  3. sam

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    no my gold is 15.9% and thats certainly not the lowest. I believe 9.9% is the lowest rates they give out to select customers.

    Which sucks, since my citibank rate was easily moved to prime+1.9%
  4. NanaC

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    I would still go through PlanetFeedback.
  5. Kelly

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    When I called to combine my cards, they offered me 13.9% to keep them both.

    I believe someone else posted that they were offered 12.9%

    I'd call back. Or use planet feedback. That rep just plain sucked!!!!!!!!!

  6. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    They sound more like CRAP 1
  7. MikeB

    MikeB Banned

    Well, I went ahead and sent a letter through PF. I don't expect much since I wrote a letter on April 4 and received a $300 increase on both cards. I guess it is worth a shot! Wish me luck. Thanks for the replies.

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