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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ->ME&lt, Jun 19, 2000.

  1. ->ME&lt

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    Apply here and you can get your answer in less then 60 seconds.

    I have one card with this company but the credit limit is low. I reapplied for a Gold card and to my surprise I got it. Good luck.
  2. Sandy

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    RE: Capitol One 60 Second appr

    I have a capital one with a low credit limit also. Did they increase your limit when they upgraded it to a gold card?
  3. Saar

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    RE: Capital One 60 Second appr

    Was your original card secured?

    How long have you been with Capital one?


  4. ->ME&lt

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    1. No, my origianal was not secured
    2. I have had an account with them for about two years. Didn't start off on good foot with them either. read below if ya have timee.

    Here's the deal I had opened an account with then quite a time ago. My limit on the card I believe was only like 300.00 I purchased one thing on the account for about 40 dollars and forgot about it. Months later I see my bills coming in at almost 400.00. Ouch.. My stupidity. So I decieded not to pay it. Months later they sent me a letter asking if I would like to start over again and rebuild my credit. The deal was they would contact the credit agencies and have them mark my old account as paid in full. They then transfered my 400+ dollars because of interest to another card with a 500.00 limit. All went well and I have had the card now for about two years. Never missing a payment.Capitol one was nice to offer what they did and it has been nice doing buisness with them. I just recently found out though that the card type I have was marked by them as special because of my problem I had with them before and this type of account has no option for a higher credit limit. I was pisssed. But the woman told me nicely that All I had to do was apply for another card and It would be a regular card. So I appied for the Gold Card on their website and was approved. It starts you off with the initial 200.00 Instant credit so you can make purchases as soon as you turn off your pc. They review your info you filled in and send you the card and your actual credit limit in the mail. I am asuming it will be higher then the one I have with me already having a good standing account with them.
  5. ->ME&lt

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    When you apply for the account and get it they give you an instant 200.00 credit line so you can make purchases right away. Then then review your account verify and send you your actual credit limit with card in the mail. I am hoping it will be higher being for one it's a gold card. second I have a pretty good standing with them as it is with my old card.
  6. BarryN - C

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    You might be lucky....

    and get $300.00 limit Gold Card!

    I guess from my sarcasm you can tell I am not much of a fan of Cap One... but it's only a personal thing.

    Seriously, it will be nice to hear about the hefty CL they finally approve. Anything hopeful from them should be published; so let us know!

    Good Luck,

  7. ->ME&lt

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    Thanks I will..

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