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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by whizbang, Oct 27, 2000.

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    I got my little balance down to 0 from a $200.00 limit, they made $2.32 interest. I attempted to closed the account because I wanted to consolidate some cards. Well... They gave me a major increase and changed the terms to a Gold card status which is what I wanted to begin with. with the 0 percent intro rate till May of 2001. I only had this account since August 2000.
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    How much of an increase did they give you? Also did they charge a transfer fee or change the APR
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    I'm would you describe your credit situation? I was hoping to do the same thing with Cap One in about 5 months or so, but I have what is often described as "damaged" credit (even after 2 years of repair work). I also have the $200 limit card, not gold or any other metallic hue. ;-) Since I got the card I have been paying online about once a week or so; my goal is to keep the account as current as I can.

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