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    My account got closed in Jan of 2001 because the rep "misunderstood" me and closed my account when I was trying to get a limit increase. When I called and got it reopened they said I would be charged the $29 annual fee because they credited it back when they closed the account and it would appear on the statement that would be due on March 9th. Well, March came and went and there was a $0 balance. I don't even use the card. Now I got a new statement that is due April 9th and guess what. I have a
    -$29 balance. Those idiots credited my account twice for $29. Of course I am not complaining :)
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    Why are you using a capitol one card with an annual fee? Go to and get yourself a Capitol One card with no annual fee and 9.9% interest for life. Nobody gets turned down.
    Capitol One isn't the smartest group of people, I have had similar misunderstanfings, but if you ask for one level of management above the peron you are talking to all charges are waived. I had two issue in the 3 years I have dealt with them. Both were errant late charges. Both cleared w/no charges or black marks.
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    I am sorry but and I quote" NOBODY gets turned down for Cap 9.9 fixed for life" WRONG. Capital one is NOTORIOUS for having you apply for their no annual fee 9.9 rate and declining you but offering you one their lovely annual fee and HIGH interest cards. People don't fall for this one, this person obviously must make a fee for anyone who applies at their site. Try this somewhere else we aren't biting!!!!

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