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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by molly, Apr 19, 2001.

  1. molly

    molly Well-Known Member

    Well, the guy never called me back on Wednesday like he said but I just checked my two accounts online and the gold card was increased to $1000. They haven't been combined and the limit has not been increased to the amount I want. I told him he could only check my credit if he pulled Trans Union only, I don't know if he did or not.

    Anyways my card will be 6 months old April 24th so I can combine them myself if he doesn't.
  2. bohemian

    bohemian Guest

    Why would he call you back? That was a silly thing to file a complaint with the Advocate's office about.
  3. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    Why was it silly? Because you don't agree with it? I think it was a smart move and it has worked for many people. If a rep says they will do something for you on such and such date, and when you call on that date they say "we can't do that for you now", then I believe a person has every right and reason to call the advocate to complain. Good job Molly.
  4. bohemian

    bohemian Guest

    Lol! I saw the posts way back about this same issue. You people should be kissing Capital One's feet for giving you a credit card, instead you have nothing better to do that file frivolous complaints via Planet Feedback. Oh woe is me, I screwed up my own credit and that nasty, nasty Capital One will not give me that credit line increase I was promised, lower my interest rate by 2%, or cancel my annual fee. I will say it again, you are hurting things for people who have a valid complaint. I had several hundred dollars worth of fees charged to my account that were refunded. I have their email addresses because they still keep in contact with me, I am going to direct them to this board so they can see where all this silly crap is coming from.
  5. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    You do that. Why do you visit this board? Is it to insult people? Or are you just another Bobby wannabe?
  6. am

    am Guest

    This is too funny....I have some great credit cards that I'm very happy with---and then I have capitol one. I would like to continue doing business with them, and if planet feedback can help me, great.
  7. bohemian

    bohemian Guest

    I don't know who Bobby is, I don't come here enough. If you remember correctly, I started a thread a few weeks back thanking you for referring me to Planet Feedback where I filed a complaint about CapOne. Sprint double charged my credit card for my long distance, two e-checks to Capital One bounced, then I was charged for one of those offers they hit you up with $69.00, bounced check fees of $25 each, two over the limit fees of $25.00 each and various other charges. Since then everyone has come out of the woodwork with a sob story about credit lines and credit limits, apr and fees. When you file a complaint with the Consumer Advocate you are having it sent straight to the top, if you want to look like a moron for bitching about a credit line increase you feel you were entitled to, feel free. There is a lot worse out there, like what happened to me, and several others that is truly deserving of having the CA intervene. Before long, they probably won't be willing to help anyone.
  8. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    Again, if a rep says they will do something when asked, and then later does not, a person has a legitimate complaint that should be directed to a person that will resolve it.
  9. molly

    molly Well-Known Member

    Well if you read the previous

    post you would then know that I also have two Citibank cards and the only reason I asked for an increase was to match my lowest Citibank card. Why? Because I have the right to ask for whatever I want.

    Not only did I ask for increases I notified them that my financial situation has increases since the 2 years and 4 months that I received my card. Higher income, better credit, established credit-should all be considered when giving an increase. You are stupid if you don't ask for something-anything from them. I have been an excellent customer for a fair amount of time and if you're going to ask for one thing you might as well ask for everything. I have no shame. Besides what I asked for was fair and any reasonable company would realize this and grant the request.

    Why did I ask for them to combine cards when it was so close to the time I could do it myself? It's an old saying-kill two birds with one stone (actually three).

    He said he would call me back because I called late on Monday (3:00 my time) and he doesn't pull reports so he'd have to ask if they could pull Trans Union only.

    Does this make sense to you Bohemian or do you need me to slow down and fill in the blanks for you.
  10. molly

    molly Well-Known Member

    BY THE WAY........

    This week I also send a compliment to Citibank and a complaint to Bally Total Fitness for taking money out of my checking account without authorization and I never received the refund check they said they sent.

    Not everyone here shares their whole story about their credit situation and people shouldn't assume the reasons for anyones bad credit. I have never fully explained why my credit is bad only that I have bad student loans. Maybe its time.

    Well, when I was 19 almost 20 years old my best friend and roomate went home to visit her family at Christmas. She never came back. She committed suicide. I was forced to not only deal with that but I had to find a new apartment within a week. I had no degree and a very low paying job. Needless to say I couldn't handle things and now I have PAID collections showing on my reports for three student loans. The items I am disputing on my reports are accurate in the fact that I did pay late etc. but what they are reporting dates etc. are not right. That is why I am trying to get things removed and as far as getting higher limits- do I even need to address the importance of that?
  11. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Bohemian's a hypocrite

    did you guys catch his last post? He bounced 2 echecks then is ticked off because the credit card company charged him fees, per his cardholder agreement. But He doesn't think HE should have to pay what they legally have a right to collect from him. Oh Boo Hoo. You used the Sprint issue to try and get leverage for them to remove fees you just didn't want to pay. YOu could have called Sprint. You could have talked with Cap1 regular customer service. That's such an easy error to correct (if there really was an error). Now I wonder.

    He can't even operate a checkbook. He bounces his payments... and he's so close to his limit that a small error puts you over??? Overspending huh.

    He used the Executive offices to try and weasel out of his legal obligation to pay his bounded check and over-the-limit fees. You just cost them money they were entitled to and we helped you by giving you a better avenue. I wish we hadn't helped you now. He misused our well-intended advice.

    It's one thing to better your terms as long as you follow those terms. But you don't. What next, they're charging you a minimim payment but you don't want to pay that either??? Is that one too unfair for you too? By the way, have you checked your credit lately??? Those little payment errors affect your credit rating. And yours is now recently soiled.

    No more help from me since he's going misuse our advice and then act "holier-than-thou" because his little situation is resolved thanks to us!!!

    We all need to ignore this guy. what a hypocrite!!! As far as I am concerned, neither he or his posts exist anymore.
  12. bohemian

    bohemian Guest

    Re: Bohemian's a hypocrite

    What a bitch you are, Marie, you assume a lot. Sprint would do nothing and neither would Capital One when I called. This started in January, I continued to make payments on the card, and even though I could not afford all that they were demanding I still paid. I have seen all my credit reports, they just updated a week ago, all CapOne accounts say in previous 10 months, never late.

    Did you catch your own post? Obviously you have a problem managing your own finances, or you would not have filed for bankruptcy, obviously you are as dishonest as the rest of us because I saw your huge post on "credit repair" and your "right" to dispute even though, just like us, you were not smart enough to control yourself and you pay for it now with your credit rating. LOL! You think I care what you think? You must really be deluding yourself over there. You are the hypocrite, you get all righteous about something I have to say when you were not even smart enough to control your own finances. You are funny.
  13. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    Re: Bohemian's a hypocrite

    I call up executive offices every month, sometimes i get something sometimes i don't. Cap 1 should be so lucky that they have my business. They made a whopping $26 ($24+$2 interest) off my in the last months. If they want to lose my good cash, then I will take my business elsewhere, but otherwise, my money is what pays their salary..

    My advice folks, use them , they are happy to service you. Cause when they dont get phone calls, they will get shitcanned (fired).
  14. Saar

    Saar Banned

    Re: Bohemian's a hypocrite

    Bohemian wrote:
    "Since then everyone has come out of the woodwork with a sob story about credit lines and credit limits, apr and fees. When you file a complaint with the Consumer Advocate you are having it sent straight to the top, if you want to look like a moron for bitching about a credit line increase".

    I no longer have a Capital One card and have never called their Consumer Advocate; But those who have, don't need that crap from you. They had a perfectly legitimate reason to call, and apparently the company felt that granting their requests was in its best interest. They don't need your seal of approval and they're not likely to come to your rescue next time you post here asking for their advice.

    And if you don't need their advice and are not willing to give any constructive one of your own, what is it exactly that you're looking for on this board?

  15. Hal

    Hal Well-Known Member

    Another Jerk to Ignore

    I think he just deserves to be ignored. He came here initially and was offered advice on a problem he was having which he readily accepted and used. If he wishes to be judgemental let him do so.

    I am a manager in a customer service / call center environment for the credit industry. Consumer/Customer advocates are specifically in place to deal with customer problems and to try and RETAIN customers that are otherwise dissatisfied with the product or service.

    If you are dissatisfied with responses you receive from a general customer service representative, and if you feel you deserve better rates or limits on your account, you are doing exactly the right thing. Planet feedback is a wonderful consumer tool and will often get you the response you need.

    Customer Service Representatives at the general level are limited in what they can offer. Consumer/Customer advocates have a great deal more leeway on your accounts and can offer much more than the representative over the phone can.

    When you apply for a card, in most cases, the decision is made by pulling a credit report which is scanned by a computer program. You are then "lumped" into a category with the average person that has the same credit profile and offered a standard APR and limit. When you call in, if your report is available for viewing by the Customer Service Representative (it often isn't) they follow the same criteria as the computer place you in. On their level no consideration is made, except within the limits they are given to make adjustments. Consumer/Customer Advocates can generally pull your report, listen to your explanations, and make decisions to help retain you. Although many here improve their credit profile and try for changes based upon the improved profile, in many cases, the creditor has not even pulled a new profile and doesn't know about the changes unless you tell them. A credit card company will generally pull your profile 12-18 months after initial application, and then annually after this.

    In a financial trend with the Federal Rate being cut, and most credit cards being tied to the Prime Rate, card companies are less proactive on this, as doing so would require they cut the rate in many cases instead they try to ignore it and continue to make the profit from the finance charge. Your card company BANKS on the fact that the average consumer has no clue as to what is in their cardholder agreement, and if they do, they don't really understand it. This is why so many fall into the "balance transfer" trap. Often a wonderful rate (i.e. 2.9%) is offered with very stringent restrictions ("if your payment is received late during any billing cycle your annual rate will be increased to 23.9% without notice to you).

    Keep using Planet Feedback!!!! It works.

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