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    I see a lot of gripes about capone but they have been treating my wife pretty good lately. She got the card a year ago with a 300.00 limit six months later they raised her to 500. About a week ago though she got an offer of 500. increase for 49. She accepted. When she called tonight though her credit limit was 1500. I'm really surprised they gave her the extra 500. She had only one payment ate during the year and was never overlimit. These guys are much better than First Premier. Those guys really suck.
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    But you gotta admit they are kind of goofy. They gave me a visa with 18.99%, $1,300 limit, then turned around and sent me a MC 20.99, $7 a month fee, $200 limit. Duh.

    And they keep squiggling around when I try to cancel it.

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