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  1. SEAN

    SEAN Well-Known Member

    Recently there have been many posts about CapOne. Am I the only one that thinks CapOne is a crappy company? The customer service associates are not only inept, but are also for the most part rude. The line increases are minimal at best. They don't report limits to the bureaus. Please let me know what you think.

  2. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    for the target market, they have excellent support.

    Their customer support is top notch, their fraud dept is top notch.

    They have two products:

    One for rebuilders.
    One for platinum credit.

    Everything in between you have the wrong company.

    I have always had top notch service from them, and went from $0 credit (started rebuilding with their secured product) to $1600 unsecured in 14 months.

    Thats not bad. Compare that to DMB or Orchard or for that matter any other secured product line.
  3. SEAN

    SEAN Well-Known Member


    Ironically I have a Bally Total Fitness Visa from Orchard with $5,000 AT 13.9. I have found Orchard(household) to be much better than the two CapOne plat. accounts I closed because they would not report the limits to the three bureaus. I still think that Citibank is the best company to deal with.


    P.S. - Orchard secured may be different, but I would imagine that they are better than Cross Country or First Premier
  4. steve

    steve Well-Known Member


    I also think Cap1 customer service needs a lot of improvement. When I first got a card from them I didn't even get a terms and conditions sheet with my interest rates for purchases, cash advances, and other important information like fees, grace period. When I called Cap1 customer service to ask about these things, some of the reps didn't even know what a grace period was!!! Cap1 is the only bank that did not send me a sheet with rates and fees and I'm already a member of Citibank, Chase, MBNA, AMEX, Discover, Household, and Providian. I've heard some complaints about Household, but at least those reps knew what a grace period was. It was a good thing I cancelled my CapOne card. I just don't have the time to play games with these kind of banks.

    33 Million Customers - 1
  5. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    My story is now an old story around here. In Nov. '98 I filed for a BK. The same month, I opened a Cap One secured account with $1K limit. Today the Cap One account is $3,300,no annual fee, 25 day grace, 12.3% apr. (and dropping), gold card.

    When I filed my BK, only 2 department store cards with a combined $1,300 limit survived. Now I have $23,000 in revolving credit card limits. I owe $9K on the $19.5 auto loan I got immediately after my BK discharge in Feb '99.

    Like sam said Cap One is excellent for credit rebuilding. I am grateful that Cap One gave me an account. But Cap One is not the best of cards for everyone.
  6. CCMAN

    CCMAN Member

    personally I don't know why everyone says to use cap1 to rebuild your credit.

    I have applied several times for the secured card after what I thought was a decent amount of time and my score went up (or so I thought)

    And Bang just like the new commerical says, "REJECTED, YOU HAVE NO FUTURE!!!"

    Talk about hypocrisy
  7. Donna

    Donna Well-Known Member

    CapOne is okay. My first account was opened with them in 96 and, last October, I accepted an offer to start a second.

    Even though the customer service reps are friendly and helpful, my sense is that they aren't impowered to do anything. My best success has been, either with retention, or the consumer advocate from the executive offices.

    Unlike Providian, my impression is that CapOne cares about their customers. No, they don't report limits to the bureaus, and I wish the limit increases were faster and more generous, but, overall, I'd give them a good rating. I do plan to stick with them and continue to work towards a platinum. If need be, according to the consumer advocate, I can always get a letter stating my limits, should that become necessary.


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